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Teatime Stories - The Three Little Pigs

Teatime Story: The Three Piglets

Brew up a cup of your favorite tea and enjoy this teatime story, written by our staff member Jordan:

Once there were three little piglets who lived with their mother in a quiet hamlet with hay and and mud puddles and all the green grass they could wish for. But they were growing bigger, as all little piglets do, and felt their home was too small and quaint. They decided to journey into the big wide world to seek their fortune and build new lives.

Their mother gave each of them three gold coins that she had been saving up. Then she gave them each a long hug and told them to stay safe and above all, to be kind.

The three pigs trotted away, their eyes and hearts wide and ready for the future. After traveling for some time, the pigs came to a thriving town by the sea, with ports and tall houses and hustle and bustle and more life than any of them had ever seen. “This must be the center of the world!” the pigs thought, as they found open land outside town to build houses on.

The first pig, hoping to save money and being impatient, bought straw from the straw salesman and went to work on his house. The second pig, a bit more careful but still not a long term planner, bought sticks from the wood salesman and went to work on his house. The third pig, who had a shrewd and steady mind, spent all of his money, even taking out a small loan, to buy brick from the brick salesman. He then went to work on his house.

The first and second pigs, with money to spare, did not worry about getting jobs. They spent their time schmoozing about town and soaking in the sights and all the city’s pleasures. The third pig went to work at the dock, carrying luggage on his back. After some time the first two pigs had to start borrowing money from their brother, even after getting jobs themselves, since their houses were poorly built and needed frequent repair. Eventually the first two pigs grew resentful of their brother for his better fortunes, which soured their personalities and made them think jealous thoughts.

One day the pigs heard of a wolf terrorizing the town. Each rushed home to their house for safety. Then the first pig heard a vicious knock at his straw door.

“Open up or I’ll tear your house down!”

“You get out of here you monster, or I’ll get the authorities!” the first pig cried.

The wolf howled and ripped apart the straw door. The pig ran for his life to his brother’s house.

The wolf followed, and the second pig heard pounding at his stick door.

“Open up or I’ll tear your house down!”

“You deserve to be thrown in jail, you vile beast!” the second pig cried.

The wolf howled and broke apart the stick door and the two pigs ran for their life to their brother’s house.

The wolf followed, and the third pig heard hammering at his oak door.

“Open up or I’ll tear your house down!”

The third pig opened his door and smiled. “Hello, wolf,” he said. “The kettle is almost ready. Would you like to come inside for a cup of tea? It’s the perfect brew of chamomile.”

The wolf, taken aback, found himself bound by the laws of hospitality, and followed the pig inside.

“I, uh, really like what you’ve done with the place,” the wolf said sheepishly, as he sat down and took the steaming cup he was handed.

“That’s very kind of you to say,” the pig said, returning to the kitchen and bringing out fresh blueberry scones, arranged like a flower on a silver tray. “Please, eat, eat,” the pig ordered in the way a good host does, as he kept returning to the kitchen for more treats.

After a while the wolf became relaxed and sleepy from the chamomile tea and all the pastries. He felt so at home in the pig’s house that he stretched out and fell asleep, right there on the couch.

The wolf woke up from good dreams to shackles on his paws and a German Shepherd reading him his rights. After realizing what was happening, he tried to struggle, but a bear held him tight and put him in a squad car. The pig, knowing he was safe, ran out to the car.

“I hope you had a nice time!” the pig said.

The wolf wanted to burst out of his shackles and eat the pig right there, but, as they drove away, he had to admit to himself he did have a very nice time. It had been a long time since he felt so welcomed, and had such a relaxing cup of tea.

jordan shofner

Jordan Shofner is part of the Fusion Teas TEAm in McKinney, Texas. He has long had a love for writing, only surpassed by his love for tea. His favorite tea is Fusion’s Matcha, straight and pure!

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