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Thanksgiving Tea Pairings

Tasty Teas to Pair Perfectly with Your Favorite Holiday Meal

Are you planning a bubble Thanksgiving?

An intimate family gathering or Friendsgiving meal can bring opportunities for fresh takes on traditional favorites. Nostalgic aromas, delicious dishes and our favorite traditions say Thanksgiving, no matter the size of your table. This holiday will likely be a little quieter one, so contemplate adding something new. Tea can be an essential part of your holiday.

There is a variety of warming, flavorful and spicy teas that are the perfect accompaniment for appetizers, dinner or dessert. (Speaking of dessert: tea and pie complement each other perfectly. Golden Monkey Black Tea’s malty, earthy flavors balance the creamy texture of pumpkin pies.)

Tea offers a wide array of unique flavors that pair perfectly with the Thanksgiving table’s rich flavors and textures. Selecting the right pairing makes sure that it won’t be overpowered by the savory roasted turkey, buttery mashed potatoes and tart cranberry sauce. Tea is the perfect warming and hydrating beverage to enjoy on this special day. Plus, a bit of caffeine may help with post-meal fatigue and with digestion, too!

Tea is a lifestyle here at Fusion Teas, so we tend to pair everything with tea. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for Thanksgiving meal planning, paired course b.


Organic Ti Kwan Yin Oolong

Organic Ti Kwan Yin
This tea is an excellent choice to accompany many foods. It is known for its tropical, floral sweetness. The bright, butter-yellow infusion tastes of tropical flowers dipped in sweet cream. Nuanced and ethereal notes of orchids and lilies interplay with the delicate sweetness of green grapes and dried apples, much like an off-dry Viognier white wine.

Organic Sungma Darjeeling Black Tea

Organic Darjeeling Black Tea – Sungma Estate
Clean, bright flavors are essential in this organic Darjeeling tea’s ability to flex and combine with any appetizer you might be serving. Sweet notes of fresh-cut wildflowers, white grapes and just-ripe nectarines gently balance an herbaceous, woodsy character.


Ceylon Extra Fancy Black Tea

Ceylon Black Tea – Extra Fancy
This tea’s dark, thin leaves brew into a burgundy-colored infusion with a rich taste akin to a Chianti red wine. The complex, bold aroma of malt and red fruits gives way to rich spices, tobacco and pronounced tannins. It’s strong enough to stand up to the bold flavors of your Thanksgiving meal (including the garlicky mashed potatoes and spicy corn pudding so many Americans love!).

Oriental Beauty Oolong

Oriental Beauty Oolong

Rich, complex Oriental Beauty Oolong offers a distinctive muscatel grape flavor and aroma. Its aroma and aftertaste are every bit as appealing as the taste itself, so be sure to pay equal attention to them as you enjoy your tea. Best enjoyed at a more mellow, contemplative Thanksgiving celebration, like a Thanksgiving for two (or one!)

Organic Keemun Mao Feng

Organic Keemun Mao Feng

Our bold Organic Keemun Mao Feng is for those who love the rich taste of whisky, porter beer, or a dark stout. Keemun Mao Feng’s thin, wiry leaves emit mysterious aromas of camphor and smoke. Its surprisingly smooth taste melds into lasting notes of sweetness and smoke, with just a hint of floral influence in the background. Pair it with honey glazed ham or even a decadent brisket.


Hazelnut Honeybush Tea

Organic Hazelnut Honeybush

The clean, subtle sweetness of honeybush is perfect to pair with the nutty flavor of hazelnuts.

The smooth sensations provided by a single cup will kindle your passion for quality tea. It’s a refined indulgence with a light, balanced finish. Enjoy with spiced nuts or any desserts with pecans, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.

Toasted Caramel Rooibos Dessert Tea

Toasted Caramel Rooibos 

This rooibos is subtle, satisfying and perfect for a caffeine-free finish. The natural sweetness of organic rooibos is bolstered by subtle notes of toasted brown rice, buckwheat and caramel. It has a buttery, rich aroma and a sweet flavor so decadent you may just choose to skip dessert!

Want to learn a little more about pairing tea with desserts? Check out our blog Pairing Tea with Sweets

Happy Thanksgiving!

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