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The Ancient Kombucha – Take Your Tea to Another Level

Kombucha takes your tea to another level.

It’s unique and delicious. And it may even help promote a healthy digestive tract.

scobyThis traditional fermented drink, made with tea and sugar, contains active cultures. The addition of a SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) creates a nutrient-rich drink that provides vitamins, minerals, acids and enzymes. Fermentation can take anywhere from 5-10 days depending on the temperature of the space and the thickness and strength of the scoby. Sugar is consumed during fermentation, so kombucha ends up being a low-sugar drink when ready to consume. It’s slightly sweet and tangy flavor is delicious.

While it’s not certain, kombucha is believed to have been first brewed in the Himalayas. There it was revered for being a purifying drink. The effervescent tea became popular through Asian parts of eastern Europe. Then it moved further west.

Select your favorite tea; it can be any tea–white green, oolong to black–classic or flavored. Here is a general recipe, but beyond that, explore. Add candied ginger at the end for a second fermentation and an extra zing. Add in mint leaves or your favorite herb.

Step 1. Bring 4 cups water to boil

Step 2. Steep 5 teaspoons tea of your choice (black, oolong, green or white) in water for twice as long as you would normally steep (approx. 7 minutes)

Step 3. Remove tea and add 6 teaspoons sugar, dissolve

Step 4. Cool completely

Step 5. Add the Kombucha Scoby (and the starter tea)

Step 6. Cover loosely with cheesecloth, or another breathable cover

Step 7. Set on top of your fridge (find a warm spot) and let ferment for approximately 6 days. (sample to make sure it is tangy, but not too vinegar-like)

Step 8. Strain

Chill and enjoy!

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