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The Different Types of Japanese Loose-Leaf Green Tea

The Different Types of Japanese Loose-Leaf Green Tea

Tea-drinkers across the world have lauded and adored the health benefits of tea for many, many years. Some countries, particularly Japan, have even treated tea brewing as ceremonious occasions for centuries. However, someone new to the tea scene may not know where to start because there are so many brands and varieties. To ease you into the world of loose-leaf tea, we’ll break down the different types of Japanese loose-leaf green tea readily available today. 


This famous drink is a “shaded” green tea, which means it’s grown in the shade as opposed to out in the sun. This process amplifies the flavor, color, and benefits of healthy ingredients such as L-theanine within the tea to deliver a fulfilling experience to the drinker. It’s known for carrying a sweet flavor and anti-aging effects, making it a welcome addition to any daily diet.


Organic sencha tea is a sweet, nutty drink that complements the experience with an earthy aftertaste. However, there’s more to sencha than just the tea. Once you’ve steeped the sencha leaves, you can make them a part of your meal—adding them to a soup will give you a well-rounded sencha experience. If you’d like to add a fruity flavor to your sencha, look no further than our Super Fruit Sencha, which blends Goji berries, blueberries, and pomegranate to create a uniquely fresh flavor.


Genmaicha is a Japanese tea that uses a mix of toasted and puffed brown rice to create a sweet flavor—and it looks sweet, too, thanks to the crispy, popcorn-ish appearance of the rice. This grainy delight comes with health benefits such as helping with weight loss and improving cholesterol levels. Much like sencha, once you’re done with the leaves, you can use them as a delicious ingredient for your next homemade meal.

Now that you’re more familiar with some of the different types of Japanese loose-leaf green tea, it’s time to put them to the test. Once you find the green tea that offers the flavors and benefits you’re looking for, you can begin taking advantage of their delightful attributes. Fusion Teas offers a wide variety of Japanese green tea leaves (including all the teas mentioned above) for you to discover, enjoy, and implement into your regular diet.

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