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The Truth about Detoxing Tea

For centuries people have had a desire to rid their bodies of so-called toxins. Practices such as enemas, bloodletting, sweat lodges, fasting, and drinking detoxification teas were used for years as medical treatments for detoxifying the body. They were discontinued sometime in the early 20th century.

Detoxing the body is no new trend even though recently we have seen all over the internet, Instagram, and other social media sites celebrities touting the health benefits of these fad “detox” diets. Some companies have been selling “detox” teas with big claims of weight loss and body cleansing.

Not all detox teas are created equally. Some contain ingredients such as Senna leaf that can be detrimental to your digestive system when consumed long term. Senna leaf has a laxative effect on the body. In fact, it is even used as the main ingredient in many laxatives today.

These laxatives are simply not good for you over time. They can cause a dependency where the body begins to rely on the laxative in order to perform its natural digestive processes of eliminating waste.

The truth is if your body already has a properly functioning liver, kidneys, and lungs, as well as a healthy digestive system then you already have the systems in place to eliminate toxins from your body.

Healthy adults with functioning processes aren’t in need of a deep clean these detox diets and teas claim to give you. However, everyone is in need of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients that help the body maintain the functionality of these natural processes over its lifetime.

How Fusion Teas Really Detoxifies the Body

If you’re looking for a real way to cleanse and detoxify, tea really is a good place to start. The first thing to do when cleansing the body is to stop dirtying it up. Starting a cleanse without eliminating the toxins from your diet is like cleaning a room while the kids are still playing in it. It is just not very efficient.

Tea can be an excellent replacement for many of those high-calorie drinks such as coffee with all the additives, sugary sodas and lemonades, or sugar-filled sports drinks that are dirtying up your digestive system. By eliminating sugar or substantially reducing it from your diet, you prepare the body to be more accepting of the purifying nutrient tea can offer.

When we say cleanse we are not referring to a flush of your intestines. This type of cleanse would only serve to dehydrate your body offering temporary results possibly creating other health issues over time. Our list of detox teas has either pure or even organic ingredients with nothing added to the mix, or they are simple herbal blends that load the body up with antioxidants and other nutrients.

For a sustained and healthy way of keeping the body clean, try any one of these delicious and nutrient-packed tea options.

Holy Detox Tulsi Herbal Tea

Holy Detox Tulsi Tea

With a fresh minty aroma, a clean citrus flavor, and a lingering floral aftertaste, this blend simply feels fortifying. The green herbaceous notes of Holy Basil and lemon myrtle are balanced with the tartness of rosehips. And the refreshing qualities of spearmint along with the flowery flavor of linden blossoms you are in for a harmonious treat.

Ginseng Oolong Tea

Ginseng Oolong has a pleasant roasted aroma and a bright, herbaceous flavor, sublimely sweet from the licorice, and has a bit of ginseng zing at the end. Ginseng contains potent antioxidants that may reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, increase energy levels and even benefit brain function.

Clouds & Mists Green Tea

This organic Chinese Yun Wu Green Tea with its dark leaves emits sweet aromas of purple grapes, red apples, and red plums. It is strikingly smooth in flavor with sweet, fruity notes of purple grapes and lemon. It makes for a light, soft, and natural detox tea.

Green Yerba Mate

Traditional green yerba mate offers a ton of flavor and benefit in one single ingredient. The grassy and vegetal flavor of this light green infusion offers a robust and fortifying blend of caffeine and healthy compounds. The leaves of the green mate contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and abundant antioxidants.

For additional tea options for healthy cleansing check out our list of Pure Teas

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