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These citrus teas are our main squeeze!

Your favorite citrus — lemon, orange, grapefruit — is packed with Vitamin C.

With the inevitable change of seasons, an intake of Vitamin C may help you to keep your immune system strong. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and nutrient that is necessary to produce collagen and increase immune function, bone strength and iron absorption and help promote healthy skin.

A Mayo Clinic study states that taking Vitamin C everyday, consistently, and before the onset of cold symptoms may shorten the duration of the symptoms. Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C, so we need to get it from our diet — including citrus fruits, strawberries, green veggies, tomatoes and supplements.

Our delightful citrus teas and tisanes are full of flavor and Vitamin C.

Citrus Burst Rooibos is packed with all the goodness the rooibos plant contains, plus the natural Vitamin C in the lemon and orange and a bonus boost of carrot. Potassium, magnesium, copper and iron are all in there too. Drink up and let Citrus Burst brighten your day.

If black tea is more your style, our best-selling 50/50 Delight Orange Creamsicle Black Tea will surprise you with its uplifting, sweet, citrusy boldness. Our 50/50 Delight takes the “opposites attract” notion a step further by integrating very difference flavors — sweet and sour, and rich boldness with delicate floral notes.

If white tea is your favorite, we have one for you too. Tangerine White Tea is full of bright citrus flavors, invigorating and also calming. The Bai Mu Dan white tea base offers a woodsy, creamy mouthfeel that contrasts nicely with the bold citrus.

Let these teas rejuvenate you. Enjoy the benefits of these delicious teas (and more) as the mornings become cooler and the transition to fall begins.


Delightful in hot and cold weather alike! Black tea, orange, vanilla and lemon create a dessert-like tea.


A bright explosion of juicy citrus and sweet rooibos. A great non-caffeinated alternative to Earl Grey.
Juicy tangerine blends with gentle white tea for a refreshing infusion with lots of depth.
Sweet-tart blood orange and tangy hibiscus shine through in this invigorating blend.
A soothing blend of orange peel, apple, warming spices and tulsi. Gently spicy, yet sweet.

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