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Tips for Traveling with Tea

Summer vacay? Take your tea with you!

We love to explore — new places and new teas. Are you getting ready for your vacation? Summer is all about exploration. Whether you are camping, staying with family, or in a hotel, it is easy to enjoy your favorite teas.
Our Personal Tea Bags are fantastic! Just fill with a generous teaspoon of your favorite tea and you are ready for any itinerary. The small flap keeps your leaves inside with plenty of room to expand when steeping.
By car, by plane, getting there is part of the fun. It’s not always easy to pack your tea necessities. We have tea friends who would pack their electric kettle over another pair of shoes. If space is at a premium, remember your hotel room will most likely have a coffee maker; get fresh water, remove the filter basket of the coffee maker, and use the tea bag you have filled.
Room to take your own earth-friendly, reusable mug? Take this one: Tea Press Tumbler
We’ve found these tips helpful:
  • Pack teas that are simple to steep – black teas that can take boiling water, oolong, rooibos
  • Prefill your own bags with your favorite teas
  • Tuck enough of your favorite loose-leaf tea for your travels inside a Stainless Steel Tea Basket
  • Use a small tin as your go-to travel tin
  • Keep stronger smelling teas (like Jasmine) in its own tin
And remember, be a tea tourist! Before you go, look up the city or area where you are traveling and see what tea shops or tea houses they might have. Happy travels!

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