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Top Shelf Tea

When you are looking for your normal everyday tea, you keep it within reach. You make sure it’s easily accessible and handy. When you have a special tea, something pricier, rare, and of the highest quality you make sure to keep it on the top shelf, hence the saying, “Top Shelf” tea.

While we love all tea in all of its many forms, we know that not all tea is created or treated equally. The top shelf, premium teas hailed by the world as the best of the best, admired by even the most particular connoisseur are simple & complex, unique, and often difficult to harvest or process.

Here is a list of some of our most premium and top-shelf teas. Each of these teas can be found in our Top Shelf Teas Sampler Set which includes a sample of each tea which makes up to 8 cups.

Silver Needle White Tea

This unique and delicate white tea is celebrated for its elegant flavor, strikingly uncommon aesthetics, and uncompromising quality. It is cultivated from the long downy buds of the Chinese tea plant harvested in the early spring. The opulence of this tea is not only demonstrated in its looks but its flavor. It has a vegetal, honey aroma with a sweet and slightly herbaceous taste that is smooth and free of any astringent aftertaste. With a creamy and soft texture and a sophisticated savor, your palate will appreciate the pleasure every cup brings.

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

When it comes to oolong teas, the finest and most premium offering is the Monkey Picked Oolong. This high-grade tea is harvested from the youngest and most delicate of leaves, rolled to perfections, with every leaf unfurling to produce a superior golden cup of complex and nuanced flavors. This tea’s appreciated for its juxtaposed simplicity and complex sophistication. With accents of roasted nuts and caramel followed by hints of apricot and honey, it’s sure to make a place for itself on your top shelf of teas.

Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

These exquisite hand-rolled tea leaf bundles evoke the senses with their beautiful nature, elegant jasmine aroma, and delightfully pleasant flavor. These tightly packed pearls beautifully unfurl when steeped to produce a light-bodied vegetal cup of sweetness with floral jasmine overtones.

Tea leaves are very absorbent. After the drying process, the green tea leaves are placed in a cool house with jasmine leaves. This is where the tea leaves absorb the powerful scents and flavors of the jasmine. After a few rounds of jasmine leaves the tea leaves are dried once more to lock in the flavor and remove the moisture.

Golden Monkey Black Tea

This pure black tea with its slim, twisted leaves provides a sweet infusion with mild accents of chocolate and caramel. The leaves vary between a medium amber and a darker brown with golden buds dispersed throughout making for a beautiful array of color. If you are a black tea connoisseur or just love a good black tea, the complexity of flavors will make this tea a constant on the top shelf of you pantry.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your tea enthusiast friend or just for yourself, we have a wide variety of all tea types with these being some of our most premium top shelf teas. Pick up our Top Shelf Sampler Pack or if you have already found your favorite order a larger bag today.

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