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Tropical Blends to Escape the Winter Blues

Taste the Tropics

The winter chill is here. In some places that means snow, or wind and rain, or cold, dry and clear. With waning daylight, the days seem short (but long). They don’t have to be dreary. You can enliven your senses with your daily drink. Tea leaves, yerba mate, bold hibiscus, juicy fruits, blossoms and spices can help.

Thankfully we have a number of delicious teas and herbal blends that will brighten your days. From your kitchen table, or couch, or even your desk, what could feel more tropical than sunny, bold island flavors and vibrant hues?

Try these luxurious teas and herbal blends:

Hibiscus Tea Sampler

This wide range of island-native hibiscus blends bring a taste of the tropics to you with its bright flavors and equally bright colors in your cup. Includes five difference blends to try.

Tropical Islander Oolong

This flavorful tea just might send you on a mini vacation. Bright and delicate, its dark golden cup, sweet aroma and silky mouthfeel evoke relaxation. The oolong in the blend is mildly sweet and smooth, and when paired with passion fruit and marigold petals it produces delectable, lightly fruity flavors and rich, honeyed aromas.


Peach Apricot Green Honeybush

Powerful peach notes make up the core flavor of this tea. Appealing apricot adds sweetness and flavor. Juicy, ripe and sweet… Green Honeybush gives it a woodsy undertone. And rose petals add a soft floral note (as well as visual appeal) to the blend.

Tropical Island Honeybush

Flavors of bright mango pairs and sweet, mellow honeybush create a delightful experience of tropical escape. There is a slight earthiness to honeybush that offers the perfect balancing note for mango. You are left with a clean, smooth aftertaste.

Sweet Mirabelle Green Tea

Piquant notes of plum and mango create an exotic flavor with a tangy finish. An intoxicating sweetness infuses every sip. Enjoy the charms of this delightful blend for a dose of summer any time of year.

Extreme Mango Yerba Mate

Notes of ripe mango make this drink juicy and sweet, while a hint of citrus plays in the background. Yerba mate offers a pleasant bite that complements the tropical fruits perfectly.

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