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chocolate dipped raspberries black tea

Valentine’s Day Tea: Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Black Tea

Indulge in our Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Black Tea this Valentine’s Day. ‘Tis the time for splendid treats… You can’t say chocolate and raspberries in the same sentence without thinking of a romantic, decadent treat.

This cheerful dessert-like black tea is not only about the sweet berries; a subtle cocoa creaminess adds to the complexity of the cup. The highly complementary marriage of raspberries and chocolate meld together perfectly, and the black tea provides a solid, smooth base. A dash of cinnamon peeks through while blackberry and blueberry leaves mellow the brew.

Valentine's Day Tea Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Black Tea

“Divine! The tea is velvety smooth, perfectly balanced with equal notes of dark chocolate and raspberry. I just brewed several cups with my girlfriends, and we are all ordering the large pouch! If you are looking for a decadent treat, this is it!”

– Heather, a Fusion Teas customer

Indulge in the rich depth and captivating flavors of this exceptional black tea, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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More Teas for Valentine’s Day

Here are a few more dessert teas to savor with someone special this Valentine’s Day:

Raspberry Tart Green Tea

Raspberry tart Green Tea

This delightful green tea is delicate and a little jammy, with hints of candied pineapple that surprise and brighten the blend. The refreshing brew is at once creamy and fruity, while softness pervades.

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Raspberry Champagne White Tea

Raspberry Champagne White Tea

This shimmering, golden infusion is a hue reminiscent of white wine. The complexity of delicate white tea is rounded out by honeyed sparkling wine notes and a hint of jasmine. The tea finishes with a smooth and lingering sweetness.

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Cocoa Raspberry Yerba Mate

Cocoa Raspberry Yerba Mate Tea

The flavors meld together seamlessly in this chocolate raspberry concoction, which offers quite a gratifying brew. The combination of roasted and green yerba mates and rooibos offers a well-rounded flavor that is sweet, earthy and toasted, with strong cocoa and carob notes. The aftertaste leaves you with a lingering creaminess.

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Chocolate Cake Honeybush

Chocolate Cake Honeybush Tea

The aroma of this blend is pure chocolate cake. Bittersweet chocolate bits and charming rosebuds mix with the red honeybush herbal tea to create a dark, rich infusion. Caramel adds a creamy sweetness and slight nuttiness to this delectable dessert in a cup.

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