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What Are Functional Teas?

Functional Teas are a specialized blend of teas that address an individual benefit that extends beyond the nutritional value of the tea itself. Think of it as a customized infusion for your personal wellness needs. Historically, tea has primarily been used medicinally, targeting specific concerns within the body. Functional teas simply get us back to this thinking. Green teas were known to aid the mind in staying in the present moment. We have learned over time that these teas including other tea blends may aid the body in wellness processes such as sleeping, reducing stress, helping digestion, providing energy, as well as a myriad of other benefits.

True teas such as Black, Green, White, & Oolong are full of powerful antioxidants that help the body repair and avoid disease. The oxidative stress that comes as a result of having an imbalance of free radicals can be avoided by adding more and more antioxidants to the body. Other herbal infusions can also be full of phytonutrients including antioxidants. Functional teas can be derived from one or both types of teas and the benefits can combine into a powerful elixir that may aid the body in specific improved functionality.

Beneficial Functional Teas

Slim and Smooth
Weight Management Tea

This 3 tea blend of oolong, green tea and yerba mate combine forces with other ingredients to deliver an infusion ideal for the person working on losing some weight. Not only can it help regulate digestion and speed up your metabolism, but it may just curb some cravings and give you some energy.

Mommas Let-Down
Lactation Tea

This calming and soothing herbal blend is specifically blended with ingredients known for helping nursing mothers let down their milk. Every golden cup of this spicy, citrus, and peppermint-filled infusion delivers a comforting dose of relaxation.

Nighttime Tea

Valerian root and chamomile are known for helping you get a good night sleep. This combination of honeybush tea, peppermint and other herbal ingredient collide to create a woodsy mint and floral flavor that prepares your body for the eventual TKO.

Yoga Tea
Ayurvedic Tea

Our Yoga Tea is an infusion consisting of holistic ayurvedic ingredients that have historically been known as a “whole-body” healing experience. The cinnamon, ginger, stinging nettle leaves, cloves, sweet blackberry leaves, cardamom seeds, and white peppercorns work together to create a pure wellness experience.

The Disclaimers

Planet earth provides natural remedies for the ailments as well as the improvements of human health; however, it would be irresponsible of us if we do not state what we also don’t mean by our statement. Functional tea contains many natural ingredients but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult your primary doctor or physician before making these a part of your daily routine. Functional teas are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and we don’t recommend them for anyone under the age of 18.

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