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What Does Mao Feng Mean?

Mao Feng is a Chinese term used to describe the shape and appearance of tea leaves and it translates to mean “fur peak”. The term is used as a descriptive moniker to characterize tea in reference to the young leaves and buds that are slightly curved and covered with fine, white hairs. Generally, Chinese tea names contain two parts with the first being the region where the tea was grown and the second being the description of the tea (e.g., Keemum Mao Feng). There are exceptions to this rule where the tea name might contain two descriptive parts (e.g., Jasmine Mao Feng).

Mao Feng is typically associated with green tea, but again there are some exceptions that we’ll talk about later. The best Mao Feng teas are picked in the early spring, where only the young leaves and buds are used. The leaves are pan-fired to stop the oxidation process, thereby preserving that green color and delicate flavor that green tea is known for. When brewed, the tea has a bright, clear yellow-green hue with a floral aroma.

Mao Feng Green Tea

Our Organic Mao Feng Green Tea hails from the Hunan province of China and is processed using only the youngest and tiniest leaves, including the bud and the first leaf. These tiny and delicate pan-fired leaves produce a rich, sweet, and savory aroma, and the infusion itself yields a golden-green brew with a rich, roasted umami flavor. Each silky, sweet sip imparts a gentle grassy flavor followed by subtle floral notes.

The exception to the rule we talked about earlier is the black tea known as Keemun Mao Feng. Keemun is a reference to Qimen County within the Anhui Province of China, where the tea originates. The term “Mao Feng” used in this context refers to the style of leaf, characterized by its slender, slightly twisted shape.

Keemun Mao Feng is a high-grade variety of Keemun and is known for its aromatic, complex flavor profile. It typically features notes of cocoa, floral undertones, and a slightly smoky, sweet taste. The liquor often has a rich, reddish-brown color.

Keemum Mao Feng Black Tea

Our Keemun Mao Feng is a robust and masculine organic black tea, with a bold, smoky aroma and rich, malty flavor. For those who love the confident, rich taste of whisky, porter beer, or dark stout, this tea is for you. The thin black wiry leaves are mysterious, and each cup produces a deep amber infusion. Its strong taste produces balanced notes of smoke, sweet stone fruit, and roasted cocoa bean, all ending with beautiful hints of flowers.

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