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What is White Tea

Feeling exotic? Try White Tea

Our White Teas offer up a luxurious experience. Smooth and delicate, these light, almost ethereal teas are a delight to sip. 

What is White Tea?

Known for their low caffeine levels and high antioxidant content, white teas have garnered a lot of attention. White teas do more than live up to the hype – they exceed it. With their subtle, varied flavors white teas are fun to explore.

The Fujian province in China is the birthplace of white tea. White teas are hand-plucked annually in early spring when the leaves are young and produced in limited quantities. After harvest they are simply withered and dried with the least amount of processing. They are not oxidized, so they retain their natural antioxidants. Many find that the subtle sweet flavors of white teas provide an exquisite tea drinking experience.

With a nod to the fact that all teas come from the Camellia Sinensis plant and the processing is the main part that determines caffeine levels, white tea caffeine levels are classified as low. Tea holds a variety of nutrients including polyphenols, EGCG and additional antioxidants, Vitamins B2 and C, beta carotene and folic acid. And white tea is the least processed so it just may contain even higher amounts of polyphenols.

See our article on the differences between tea types to find out more.

Premium Loose Leaf White Tea

Try these White Teas…

White Thunder Mint White Tea

White Thunder Mint

This Bai Mu Dan-based white tea offers white peony notes in its floral aroma, a light golden-green infusion and a smooth, woodsy flavor. The stimulating peppermint and spearmint add a clean mint character to the mix of flavors. The infusion is comforting, yet refreshing There is a sweet, fresh aftertaste, with no astringency whatsoever.

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Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Organic Bai Mu Dan

This organic white tea is one of the must-try true white teas. Our delicately fragrant Bai Mu Dan White Tea hails from the traditional white tea region of China, the Fujian province. Its young leaves and buds are long, thin and covered in white, tiny “down.” The pale gold infusion smells melon-y and floral. The mellow flavor is nutty with a clear cantaloupe taste and notes of fresh wildflowers and steamed green beans. A green herbal flavor hints at thyme, while the overall character is a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

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Silver Needles White Tea Loose Leaf Fusion Teas

Silver Needle

This delicate, ivory-colored brew offers a sublime sip: clean and slightly earthy with a silkiness. Its long, downy buds are medium green to almost white and are strikingly different from most other tea leaves. The aroma is honeyed and herbaceous. The exceptionally smooth liquor is completely free from astringency. The soft, creamy mouthfeel lingers with delicately warmed sugared notes in the finish. 

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Peach Fuzz White Peach Tea

Peach Fuzz

This succulent peach citrus white tea brews up into a smooth, soothing hot tea and a crisp, cool iced tea. This blend is a melange of slender white tea buds and leaves with bright bits of peach and safflower. Its cheery, orange-ish infusion highlights its bright flavor. The complex aroma is malty and rich, with notes of peach cobbler. The smooth, syrupy mouthfeel of this lush blend makes it a delight to sip either hot or as iced tea.

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Raspberry Champagne White Tea

Raspberry Champagne

Perfect for foodies who love both tea and wine, this is an elegant white tea to be appreciated and savored. Orange safflower petals contrast the unfurling large, green leaf and create a shimmering, golden infusion. Once brewed, the pale-yellow liquor, its color reminiscent of white wine, emits a flowery aroma. For discerning palates, the captivating floral and juicy red raspberry flavors highlight, but don’t overshadow the classic white tea. The complexity of delicate white tea is rounded out by honeyed sparkling wine notes and a hint of jasmine.

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Enjoy these distinct white teas!

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