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What’s red and tangy and good for your heart? Hibiscus tea!

Bold, tart and so full of flavor! Hibiscus is a longtime favorite in much of the Caribbean, and it’s gaining favor as a natural way to promote heart health. 

Studies suggest drinking hibiscus tisanes daily may benefit people with slightly increased blood pressure. In a six-week study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers discovered hibiscus drinks had an effect on lowering blood pressure in adults with mildly-high blood pressure.
Consumed regularly our hibiscus fruit tisanes can offer health benefits:
  • Vitamins to help protect the skin from free radical damage
  • Increased natural energy without the crash associated with caffeine
  • Supports the immune system
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Helps flush toxins from the body
  • Improves heart health
The whole family can enjoy and benefit from hibiscus fruit tisanes. Since it’s naturally caffeine free and can be served hot or cold, it’s perfect for kids. It’s a refreshing alternative to soda and juice.
Here at Fusion Teas, it’s a best seller. We love the incredible, cranberry-like flavor of hibiscus, both pure and in fruity or spicy blends. These are a few of our faves:

Very Berry Hibiscus Fruit Tisane 

This tea is an attention-grabber! The fruity medley is reminiscent of summer days picking blackberries and raspberries. Just like sweet berries eaten right off the bush, this tea is full of sweet juiciness and a pleasant tartness. Lush berry notes explode in your mouth and zingy hibiscus and rosehip make your mouth water. Powerful and zingy, this tea draws you in with luscious notes of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry.

Pina Colada Hibiscus Fruit Tisane 

This luscious hibiscus blend will transport you to the tropics with its delightfully sweet and creamy flavors. Its bright color in the cup (or over a glass full of ice!) invites you on a flavorful journey. The aroma is pure, milky coconut. Lively hibiscus blossoms and rose hips add tartness while pineapple pieces add sweetness. Coconut and apple pieces round out the blend with a decadent creaminess. This is dessert in a cup!

Blood Orange Hibiscus Fruit Tisane 

A rich, bold blend of fruits and blossoms meld together in this sweet tisane. The brilliant infusion sparkles to a lovely rouge and the fruit-forward aroma is a second cue to the tastiness of this bright blend. Delightful citrus flavors, sweet hibiscus and orange peel create the base, while rose hips add tartness and apple pieces add smoothness. Tangy blood orange shines through in this invigorating cup, yet the aftertaste is soft and the finish is satisfying.


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