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Why Shop at Fusion Teas?

There are few things better than finding a new favorite tea. We love drinking old favorites too. With the great variety we have at our fingertips it can be easy to find the best. Fusion Teas was founded to deliver on the vast teas and tisanes available.

Here are three great reasons to shop Fusion Teas:
It’s a family-run company. Thomas and Theann Egbert began Fusion in 2010 and focus on teas that delight from the first sip. Their original goal was to dispel the perception that herbal tisanes were drunk only when sick. They curated a large variety of premium herbal blends highlighting hibiscus blends and then expanded from there with Yerba mate, rooibos, pure teas and teaware.
It’s a small business. The company is based in McKinney Texas, a suburb northeast of Dallas. Fusion believes delighting their customers is all about connection. Bonus: If you live in, or plan to visit the Dallas area you can visit the Fusion Teas showroom.
Fusion carries top-quality teas from around the world at very reasonable prices. Along with that great variety, the quality can be tasted in each sip. Fusion is price conscience. For many new tea drinkers, or for those making the switch from teabags Fusion has quality inexpensive teas and tisanes on hand.
Check out the variety of “straight and pure teas,” rooibos, yerba mate, hibiscus and tulsi blends.
If you have been ordering Teavana we have a few suggestions that may help you make the switch to a family-run, small business.
Do you like Teavana’s Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea? Try our Peach Apricot Green Honeybush. Powerful peach notes make up the core flavor of this tisane and green honeybush gives it a woodsy undertone. And rose petals add a soft floral note (as well as visual appeal) to the blend.
Do you enjoy the Samurai Chai Mate Tea by Teavana? Give our Chai Spice Yerba Mate a try. This bold, invigorating yerba mate gives this blend a pine-like flavor of green wood. Ginger and peppercorns deliver a fiery punch. And star anise and other spices produce a sophistication and complexity that set this blend apart from your usual yerba mate.
Enjoy pure and straight tea?
Instead of Teavana’s Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea, wake up with our Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. These beautiful little bundles pack a total tea experience – lovely to look at, divine to breathe in and smell, delicious to sip and savor. This superb hand-rolled jasmine green tea features tightly rolled pearls with pleasing variations in color and leaf texture. When steeped, the pearls slowly unfurl into a light, sweet cup. Slightly sweet notes are balanced with a vegetal tone and a smooth, lightweight body. This is a tea to savor slowly… floral flavors linger in the aftertaste and the brew doesn’t turn bitter as it continues to steep.
Let our Organic Clouds & Mist Green Tea replace your other green tea. This tea’s dark, wiry leaves emit sweet aromas of purple grapes, red apples and red plums. The pale lemon-yellow infusion smells nutty and buttery, whispering of the creamy mouthfeel yet to come. The strikingly smooth flavor contains no astringency whatsoever. It is light and sweet and enigmatic.
Here’s to finding your new favorites!

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