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5 of the Most Beloved Tea Flavors

  1. Monkey Picked Oolong
  2. Very Berry Hibiscus
  3. Peach Infusion Hibiscus Fruit Tisane
  4. Sencha Green Tea Organic
  5. Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Fruit Tisane

We could put together a list of the most popular teas around the world, just like many others have done. Or, we could give you a list of the most popular tea flavors we sell in our shop. It only makes sense that we use the information from our own experience and the experience of our customers to list out the most popular tea flavors.

This list is based on the purchasing habits of our customers and contains the top 5 choices based on the highest orders. You’ll notice that a large majority of our customers love our fruity hibiscus tisanes. These are definitely a fan favorite. In contrast, you’ll also see that the other teas listed are more complex and sophisticated.

Now, don’t get us wrong; we love the popular and beloved flavors of Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ceylon, and so on. However, we wanted the list to be driven from the purchasing habits of our customers and they have spoken. Here are the top five.

1. Monkey Picked Oolong

Our Monkey Picked Oolong is a polished, buttery tea that is light and slightly sweet. The rolled leaves produce a golden tea that is smooth and refreshing with complex flavors reminiscent of apricot and caramel. As you brew your tea you can smell the aroma, observe the unfurling of the leaves, and remain calm and present in the serenity of the moment.

The name itself is something of legend. As the story goes, monks or just super-efficient farmers used monkeys to pick the young, delicate, hard-to-reach leaves of the wild tea trees that grew on the steep cliffs of the mountains. Maybe it’s all true, we may never know.

It could just be the name and the legend, but this tea is our best seller. We believe that people love the complex flavors and juxtaposed simplicity of each cup. Order some Monkey Picked Oolong and find out for yourself.

Ryan S.
Excellent Quality and Experience

“I’ve been searching for quality Monkey Picked Oolong for my wife for months and decided to give Fusion Teas a try. Ordered as a Valentines gift and it was a hit. Fast delivery and my wife loved it. We are so happy we found FT!!”

2. Very Berry Hibiscus Fruit Tea

I mean, when you have berries, you have something pretty sweet, flavorful, and packed with antioxidants, but when you have very berry, that ups it to a whole new level. With the tart and cranberry-like flavor of hibiscus, which in its own right is packed with flavor and nutrients, and the citrusy, power-packed combination of berries, you get an herbal beverage above the rest.

This Very Berry Hibiscus Fruit Tea is a favorite for adults and for children considering it has zero caffeine and very few calories. You can add sweetener if you like, but honestly, the berries and hibiscus have enough flavor and sweetness that many find they just don’t need it.

Full Berry Flavor & Lovely Color – Highly Recommended
“I love full flavor fruit tisane tea. This was the 1st Fusion Teas blend that I ordered to replace a Favorite locally purchased fruit tea brand that I can no longer find. I hoped for the best when I ordered Very Berry blend and I was not disappointed. This is absolutely delicious – a full berry flavor with a lovely red color yet it is not too sweet or too tart. I reordered a 2nd bag almost immediately; it is sooo good. Highly recommended.”

3. Peach Infusion Hibiscus Fruit Tea

Another Hibiscus favorite is our Peach Infusion which is also a juicy, berry infusion. It is a perfect summertime blend reminiscent of fresh peaches, but that contains a combination of Hibiscus blossoms, apples, papaya, currants, blueberries, and strawberries. It’s like a berry medley buried beneath the sweet notes of peaches.

On hot summer days, this infusion is perfectly smooth and refreshing iced. If you prefer it hot, you can enjoy this tea with your favorite dairy creamer for more of a peaches and cream feel. However you enjoy it, we don’t mind, as long as you enjoy it.

Angie M.
Love it!
I like the fresh flavors and the way they blend together. I make it both hot and cold and am never disappointed with my drink. This will definitely be something I reorder frequently

4. Sencha Green Tea – Organic

This Green Tea Sencha is a wholesome, earthy, and unadulterated gift from mother nature. With its subtly sweet and floral flavors and nutty aftertaste, this golden-green tea with its natural, roughed-up leaves is a cut above the rest. While this is a Japanese steamed green tea that is traditionally brewed in the side-handle pot, it honestly can be brewed in whatever way is most convenient for you.

This is a hit with our customers and it is because nature does a great job of giving us the flavors and nutrients that suit us best. We simply packed and packaged it, making it accessible for the health and well-being of our customers.

judy S.
sencha organic green tea

“I have been ordering the sencha organic green tea for about a year or so. It is my usual morning tea. The order always comes quicker than I expect. I must say this tea grows on you. I have the amount and steep time down to an art and It is just so wonderful first thing in the morning. The taste is light and i feel energized in a healthy way. ie not so much caffeine.”

5. Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Fruit Tisane

Well, here we are again. What can we say, our customers love berries and so, we have another berry hibiscus that hits the top of the list. This Strawberry Fields Hibiscus is full of the same luscious, fruity tart flavors. With the aromas of berries and the smoothness of the blend, you won’t get an overwhelming hit of tarty Hibiscus. All of the flavors balance out perfectly to create a fruit basket of deliciousness in a cup.

Packed with Vitamins C and antioxidants as well as being caffeine-free and low calorie, this is a perfect treat for when you are craving a fruity dessert. Kids will equally enjoy this power-packed tea.

Brandi M.
“I have had Hibiscus before but this blend was a totally different taste. This is one I can drink hot or cold and even my husband loved it. It’s like a dessert in a cup!! Bought a sample and now I will be ordering a full size!!”

So there you have it. Those are the top-selling teas at FusionTeas.com.

Now, these are only the top 5 best-selling teas, most of which were hibiscus blends. What can we say, our customer loves hibiscus. If your favorite tea didn’t make the list, no worries. Check out blog.fusionteas.com for more blog post articles where we talk about other great favorites.

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