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Summer Tea Mocktails

Alcohol-free Summer Tea Mocktails

The lazy end-of-August days deserve to be savored. Enjoy summer tea mocktails – a simple and refreshing combo of brewed tea with herbs or in-season fruit, a little sweetness and a splash of sparkling water!

Have you joined the new trend of being “Sober Curious?” These delicious drinks have zero alcohol.

Summer tea mocktails are best when they are personalized. Glean ideas from these three recipes, add a unique twist and make them your own.

Jasmine Mojito - Summer Tea Mocktails

Jasmine Mojito Mocktail

Here is a revitalizing tea cocktail to enjoy. The perfect combination of mint and citrus come together with floral jasmine.

Organic Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea is a lush green tea, scented with exotic night-blooming jasmine blossoms. This jasmine green tea is filled with floral, fruity notes.

Brew 6 teaspoons Organic Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea in 3 cups under boiling water. Steep for 3 minutes and strain leaves. Set aside and allow to cool to room temperature. Juice the two limes. Add ice, lime juice, and sugar or honey to the pitcher. Add mint leaves, tea and club soda to the pitcher. Stir completely.

August Tea Spritzer - Summer Tea Cocktails

August Tea Spritzer

The August Tea Spritzer is very refreshing and uses two different types of tea that complement each other’s tastes very well.

The teas should ideally be brewed separately, with 3 cups water each, the day before you want to create the mocktail. Steep your teas at the appropriate temperature for each so their individual flavors will shine through. Add sugar or honey while tea is still warm and stir. Let the tea cool overnight.

Pour teas together then add the raspberries and blackberries. Let the berries meld together with the teas for a few minutes. Then add sparkling water and lime. Pour over ice.

Pina Colada - Summer Tea Mocktails

Tropical Pina Colada

This sweet and simple caffeine and alcohol-free beverage is a delightful and creamy summer sip!

Bring 4 cups of water to boil. Steep Pina Colada Hibiscus Fruit Tisane for 8 minutes. Cool overnight. Fill two glasses with ice and pour in tea and top with sparkling water. If you are looking for the creaminess of a classic pina colada add ½ tablespoon of coconut milk.


Looking for more inspiration for summer tea mocktails? Check out our recipe for Fruit-Tea Sangria.

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