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Assam Black Tea from India: Bold, Malty and Robust

The Assam region of Northeastern India produces a malty, rich black tea with the region as its namesake. Most of this tea is produced at or very near sea level. The heavy monsoon rains and high humidity create an almost greenhouse-like effect, and thus superb growing conditions for tea.

Assam tea gardens were established at the height of the British empire. Assam black tea rose to prominence and quickly became the leading competitor to China’s tea monopoly. Today, Assam black teas are beloved for their sultry, full-bodied flavors. The tea artisans of India use the plant variety known as Camellia sinensis var. assamica to produce Assam tea. Alternatively, black teas produced in China use the Camellia sinensis var. sinensis

This dry leaf is varied and pretty, composed of finely twisted leaves with golden, downy tips. Bold, with a kick of intensity, Assam black tea pours a rich, vibrant red brew. The full-bodied infusion does not disappoint, with a sweet toastiness and notes of honey and caramel.

Robust Assam has abundant tannins. Tannins are a naturally occurring compound in many black teas, and they give it the characteristic briskness. If you enjoy a bit of milk and sugar in your morning cuppa, you’ll love this tea. 

A coffee lover looking to expand their options just may find a new beverage in the stout, earthy qualities of Assam.

Assam Tea from the Mokalbari Estate

Mokalbari Estate Assam Black Tea from India

Our single-estate Assam tea delivers with a deep, bittersweet, malt-heavy aroma and flavor, balanced with hints of cardamom. Resteep this hearty Assam for up to three infusions. 

Our customer Nancy gave this tea five stars, sharing, “Excellent! A lovely Assam tea. No bitterness. Tasty and full.”

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Our popular Tiger Chai black tea is blended with a base of Assam tea as well. Powerful, rich, full-bodied… Love Black Teas? Learn more about black tea on our Tea Types page

Classic Assam is traditionally paired with hearty breakfasts and afternoon tea fare in England. Pair your piping hot cup of Assam with a breakfast sandwich or sausage quiche. For something sweet, pair it with a rich carrot cake. 

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