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caffeine in coffee versus tea

Caffeine in Coffee vs. Tea

Caffeine is found in both coffee and tea. Of note, all true tea from the camellia sinensis plant contains caffeine, which includes black, oolong, green and white varieties.

Why do you drink tea?

Is it the calm feeling it offers? The lift? The flavor or the warming sensation? Probably a combo of all of these. Caffeine affects the mind and body in several ways. It may increase alertness, reduce fatigue and may even increase productivity.

Have you noticed that the effects of tea are different than coffee?

The caffeine in tea is released more slowly than in coffee, offering a somewhat subtle increase in energy levels and no crash.  

In addition to caffeine, tea also contains the calming amino acid L-theanine. Studies show L-theanine may work with caffeine to create a more balanced stimulant effect and calm the nervous system. Plus, antioxidants in tea slow the absorption of caffeine which may offer more alertness without the crash. That is the calm focus we all love.

Tea is known to have varying quantities of naturally occurring caffeine.  As a general rule, a cup of Black Coffee contains around 90mg of caffeine. The average cup of Black Tea contains significantly less – around 45mg.

Here is the general caffeine breakdown in your brewed cup:

For even more, check out our Caffeine-O-Meter.

The amount of caffeine in your teacup depends on a few different things. Preparation, including the length of steep time, amount of tea and water temperature can affect the amount of caffeine in your brew.

Caffeine levels are also directly related to how long tea is steeped. The longer a tea steeps, the higher the caffeine content. Plants that are cultivated in the shade produce more caffeine than those grown in direct sun (think matcha).

Find your favorite!

White: Savory-sweet Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Green: Earthy Organic Sencha

Oolong: Velvety-smooth Monkey Picked Oolong

Black: Herbaceous Organic Darjeeling – Sungma Estate

Learn all about tea types, benefits, brewing techniques, and caffeine amounts on our Tea 101 Page.

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