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Chinese Teas

China is the birthplace of tea. Records indicate that China was definitely cultivating tea as far back as 2,000 B.C., and probably much earlier than that, too.

According to legend, the emperor Shennong was a famed herbalist who discovered the tea plant while on a journey. He paused to boil some water beneath a wild tea tree. A leaf from the tree fell into the water and infused the pot with an exceptional aroma. Ever curious, Shennong sipped the infusion, which was sweet and refreshing. He then declared tea to be a supreme medicine for many ailments.

Today, China is still the world’s top tea producing country, yielding almost 2 million tons of tea per year. With so many luscious oolongs, buttery green teas, velvety white teas and deeply complex black and puerh teas to enjoy… we’d give a lot for all the tea in China!

Explore Chinese Teas:

monkey-picked-loose-leaf-oolong-tea_thumbnail.jpgMonkey Picked Oolong
According to legend, monks trained monkeys to gather the most delicate leaves from the tops of wild tea trees. This tea’s name gives a nod to how exquisite this sweet, creamy, floral oolong tea is. Learn more about Monkey Picked Oolong here.
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golden-buds-yunnan-loose-leaf-black-tea_thumbnailRoyal Golden Yunnan Black Tea

Intoxicating, exotic, bold. An infusion the color of pumpkin skin, aromas of chocolate and tobacco, a flavor like a gourmet take on a malted milk ball, and a finish like a dash of fine cocoa powder and a whiff of pine smoke. It’s the quintessence of refined daring. Learn more about Chinese Black Teas
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exotic-pomegranate-white-tea_thumbnailExotic Pomegranate Tea

A wild blend of white and green tea mixed with kiwi, dragonfruit, raspberry and pomegranate. The result is an exotic explosion of fruit and berry notes.

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