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Chocolate & Mint: A Match Made in Heaven

Looking for a minty fresh aroma in every decadent sip?

Try our fresh, stimulating chocolate and mint teas. Chocolate and mint is a classic dessert pairing and you can enjoy them in your cup – minus the calories. These teas are perfect for summer served over ice, and lovely and satisfying piping hot. (Love chocolate by itself? Learn more about our decadent chocolate teas.)

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Notes of dark chocolate and fresh mint infuse the tea, while rooibos adds a nutty finish. If you’re craving something sweet, brew up a cup of this tea instead. Smooth and full-bodied with a creamy finish, Chocolate Mint Rooibos is a treat that will please for sure. Its multi-dimensional flavors shine, at once rich, fresh, toasty and mellow.

Roasted Cocoa Mint Yerba Mate

Chocolate chips, toasted rice and golden marigold petals are the first cues of how dazzling this blend will be. Roasted mate, nutty organic rooibos, and sharp chicory create a solid triad base for this fully flavorful blend. Pleasingly smooth and rich, complexity is reached with spearmint, cocoa beans, malted barley and almonds. With a character similar to black tea, or a bit like coffee, this is a unique, enjoyable beverage.

Can’t get enough chocolate?

Chocolate Cake Honeybush 

Bittersweet chocolate bits and charming rosebuds mix with red honeybush to create a dark, rich infusion. Delicate honeybush flavors are the perfect companion for chocolate. Caramel adds a creamy sweetness for a balanced, delectable dessert in a cup.

And if you love just mint try these…

White Thunder Tea 

A soothing Bai Mu Dan white tea is combined with refreshing peppermint and spearmint for a blend that is comforting yet uplifting. This white tea blend offers a peony floral aroma, pale golden-green infusion and a smooth, woody flavor. There is a sweet, fresh aftertaste. This is a well-balanced blend.

Peppermint Herbal Tea 


Peppermint herbal tea is a timeless classic. Clean, sweet and invigorating, this is our go-to herb whenever we need to clear our head or get a caffeine-free pick-me-up.

It’s bursting with flavor, satisfying, with bright notes of peppermint candy and creamy mint ice cream. The mouthfeel is smooth, with deep earthy undertones.


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