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Detox Teas for the new year

Detox Teas for the New Year

Your best tea detox is here… We have detox teas that will hydrate, detoxify, and energize with every cup. With each sip, wash away all that is unnecessary, unhealthy or negative in your life. (Read more about anti-aging teas here)

Looking for a way to kick off 2019? Our answer: Create an enjoyable habit around the healthy goal most important to you and make it easier and enjoyable to stick with. 

We have many exquisite white, green, oolong, and black teas that taste best straight, without any milk, lemon or sugar. Flavors like these are great for inspiring focus and clarity in your daily routine. If detox is what you’re looking for these teas can be helpful. 

Pure teas are the perfect way to reboot your systems. With no added ingredients of any kind, each of our pure teas lets you dive into the complex flavors found in the simple tea leaf. Both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich, these teas may help you relax and reduce stress. (Learn about simple morning tea rituals to start the day off right.)

Soothing herbal blends are often used to complement detoxification, as well as to help alkalize the body. They aid while also serving to fulfill the body’s fluid intake needs. Roots, leaves, flowers, stalks, seeds… these blends are floral, herbaceous, fruity and more while being hydrating and full of detox tea benefits.

Now is the time to recalibrate with good-for-you and detoxifying pure teas and herbal blends.

Detox Tea - Tea for Health and Wellness

Try Our Favorite Detox Teas:

Detox Wellness Herbal Tea

Detox Tea - Detox Wellness Herbal Tea - Detox Teas

Bright citrus notes meet warming spices and herbs in this naturally caffeine-free, cleansing blend. Forest juniper, pine and medicinal roots give this detox tea a sturdy, nourishing feel, while floral notes round out the overall bouquet. The taste and effect are complex, soothing and nourishing.

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Organic Clouds and Mist Green Tea

Clouds and Mist Organic Green Tea

This pure tea’s dark, wiry leaves emit sweet aromas of purple grapes, red apples and red plums. The smooth flavor contains no astringency whatsoever. Mellow, sweet, fruity notes transform into a soft, gauzy aftertaste. This is a great detox green tea.

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Sencha Supreme Green Tea

Sencha Supreme Green Tea

The hazy, green infusion is thick and sweet, with a distinctly vegetal flavor (think: baby spinach). It is rich and brothy, and the aftertaste leans slightly toward the sweeter side of the flavor spectrum, making this quintessential Japanese Sencha a good choice for those who enjoy complex pure teas.

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Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needles White Tea Loose Leaf Fusion Teas

This delicate, pure tea offers a sublime sip. The exceptionally smooth, woodsy flavor is silky and completely free from astringency. It bears hints of mellow roasted nuts and fresh sweet herbs. The result is comforting and refreshing, and this tea’s character and sophisticated flavor offer a complete detox tea experience unlike any you’ve had before.

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Holy Detox Tulsi Herbal Tea

Holy Detox Tulsi Herbal Tea - Detox Teas

Holy Basil, or tulsi, is the central ingredient in this cleansing blend. From fresh, minty aromas to clear citrus flavors and a lingering floral aftertaste, this blend is clean and bright throughout. Green herb notes of Holy Basil and lemon myrtle are balanced with the depth and tartness of rosehips, the refreshing qualities of spearmint and the flowery flavor of linden blossoms in this harmonious detox tea blend.

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Green Yerba Mate

Green Yerba Mate Tea

This straightforward, traditional green yerba mate offers a ton of flavor and benefit in one single ingredient. Similar to some green teas, this unroasted green yerba mate is earthy and has an aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass. Its slightly vegetal, herbal flavor is both fortifying and satisfying.

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