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Cinnamon Roll Black Tea

Featured Tea: Cinnamon Roll Black Tea

Spicy, Bold, Warming Cinnamon Roll Black Tea

Enjoy a guilt-free, gluten-free Cinnamon Roll to go!

Now I can have my roll and eat it too. I fell in love with this flavor at the Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney. I got to sample this English Style, which is exactly how I prefer to take my tea. It’s great in the morning and as a treat. It’s quickly becoming my new favorite tea!

– Fusion Teas Customer Mariko

This rich black tea, anchored in piquant cinnamon, is the perfect wake-up-and-shine tea for the transition between late summer and early fall. Cinnamon brings a traditional Ceylon black tea base to robust new heights. Robust, warming spice pervades the cup.

Naturally sweet Ceylon black tea carries the spice and creamy notes of this exotic brew. It’s robust in body and character. Aromatic cinnamon and Ceylon tea flavors combine with pastry notes to achieve a satisfying depth of flavor.

Cinnamon Roll Black Tea
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Did you know? Cinnamon is a superfood!

Cinnamon is known to:

  • Be high in antioxidants
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost immunity
  • Be antibacterial, which may help your dental care routine
  • Stabilize blood sugar

Let a cinnamon stick sit in your teacup as a garnish and to a little added spice and health benefits. The mineral content is also of note as it is a source of magnesium and calcium.

With its creamy qualities, this is the quintessential dessert tea. Try this tea with a splash of your favorite milk for an even more decadent flavor… or you could double up on the dessert flavors with a pairing of Cinnamon Roll Black Tea and a simple shortbread cookie.

Need a break from caffeine? For a naturally caffeine-free option, try our Cinnamon Apple Rooibos.

Like spice? Try our robust, quadruple-spiced Tiger Chai.

We also offer a variety of other cinnamon teas.

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