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Spicy Cinnamon Teas

Warming, comforting, and a little spicy… cinnamon teas are the perfect beverage to cozy up with this winter. Cinnamon, the sweet spice that adds gentle heat and richness, was once a status symbol in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. The spice was also used as medicine since it is a source of magnesium and calcium. Luckily today it’s a widely-used spice and we can enjoy it in a number of teas and other beverages.

Considered a natural sweetener, cinnamon adds a ton of taste to any tea it is blended with, taking away the need for sugar. The highly aromatic spice fills you with flavor, adding a bright warmness. Cinnamon blends amazingly well with black tea, rooibos, and surprisingly, even hibiscus tisanes.

This cup delivers distinct creamy notes of spiced pastries. Aromatic cinnamon brings this traditional black tea to robust new heights. The velvety-smooth honeyed flavors of Ceylon tea combine with bread-and-butter creaminess and a rich depth of flavor is achieved. This tea could easily be a new tea cupboard staple for you.

Full of ambrosial, fruity notes of pears and apples, with a hint of warming cinnamon to add depth, this tisane is succulent and relaxing. Enjoy the cinnamon peeking through, while bright hibiscus and rosehips lend their customary tangy sweetness. It reminds us of a crisp pear-apple tart.

Cinnamon and apple is a classic combination. As you sip this tea, you may immediately think of spiced cider or apple pie. Juicy apple and naturally sweet cinnamon meld effortlessly to create a sublimely warming brew. Nutty rooibos provides a gentle nutty finish. And with zero caffeine, Cinnamon Apple Rooibos is a healthy treat any time of day!

Like classic masala chais, ours focuses on two spices. It features the warming spice of cinnamon and the fiery flavor of ginger, teamed with the bold astringency of black tea. It’s hazy red brew has a creaminess that can fill a room.

Brew yourself a cup of Masala Chai, or any of these cinnamon teas. For added creaminess, pour in your favorite milk, garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy!

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