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peaches and kiwi hibiscus tea

Hibiscus Tea: Tangy, Fruity and Sweet!

Hibiscus tea is bold, tart and so full of flavor! We love the incredible, cranberry-like flavor that hibiscus tea has to offer, both pure and in fruity or spiced blends.

The benefits of hibiscus include immune and metabolism support, and hibiscus is rich in vitamin C and is naturally caffeine-free. It’s the perfect brew to enjoy with your children at home – it’s hydrating, colorful and delicious.

The whole family can enjoy and benefit from hibiscus teas. It’s a refreshing, healthier alternative to sugar-packed soda and juice. Check out these links to make springtime popsicles and smoothies with hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus Tea

Enjoy These Refreshing Hibiscus Teas

Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Fruit Tisane: This delicious aroma and bouquet of colorful blossoms and fruit is sure to “wow” you. Along with hibiscus blossoms and black currants, a collection of berries create a flavorful brew. Apple pieces round out the cup with smoothness. All of the flavors meld together into “dessert in a cup.”

 “I loved this tea the moment I smelled it for the first time. Great to have tea time with the kids since it has no caffeine and helps with blood pressure. Usually, I drink herbal tea hot, but this is fabulous as a cold tea. Thank you!”

– Becky

Peach Infusion Hibiscus Fruit Tea: The juicy peach notes of this blend come forward in the first sip. Hibiscus blossoms, apples, papaya, currants, blueberries and strawberries create a very fruity blend. Peach mellows out the tart hibiscus and berries, while apple adds a creamy note.

“Scooping this out to put in my infuser, it looked absolutely delicious. As usual with Fusion Teas, they put a lot of effort into the blend. It smells delicious like a nice fragrant peach.”

– C.B.

Peaches & Kiwi Hibiscus Fruit Tea: This hot-pink brew is packed with juicy, tangy kiwi and peach pieces, pineapple cubes and tart-sweet hibiscus flowers. On its own or with a dab of raw honey for an extra boost, this could be your new pick-me-up brew.

“If you love tart, slightly edgy, bold fruit tisanes, this is for you!”


Apple Mango Hibiscus Infusion: This infusion’s pretty purple color and candied fruit flavor proudly announce this tisane is a joy to drink. A burst of mango is apparent before the creamy apple and tart hibiscus come through. Pineapple and papaya pieces, berries and flower petals round out the cup, while apple pieces offer a hint of creaminess.

“AWESOME! Love this!!!!! Just the right amount of sweetness and it is awesome both cold and hot.”

– Jandetta

Very Berry Hibiscus Fruit Tisane: This tea is an attention-grabber! It is full of sweet juiciness and pleasant tartness. Lush berry notes and tangy hibiscus and rosehip explode in your mouth. Powerful and zingy, this tea draws you in with luscious notes of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry.

“This tea is amazing! It’s robust – flavorful as iced or warm tea. I will definitely be wanting to get more of this one!”

– Stephanie S.

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