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High Energy Teas to Celebrate the NASA/SpaceX Launch

To celebrate the upcoming NASA/Space X launch, we thought it would be exciting to delve into naturally energy-boosting teas and tisanes. 

Caffeine in tea occurs naturally in the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, so all brewed tea will contain caffeine.

Most herbals are caffeine-free, but that isn’t the case for Yerba Mate. It steeps to a rich, earthy brew that packs a natural caffeine boost to get you ready to take on the day. This energizing tea is a brewed beverage from South America. Yerba Mate’s bold flavor and even stronger caffeine kick offer sustained focused energy, making it a favorite for recovering coffee addicts. 

Black tea typically contains a little more caffeine than green tea. However, matcha is an exception to that rule because you consume the entire tea leaf, rather than just an infusion made from the leaves. Tea is often said to create a sustained, elevated mood and energy level that lasts a few hours. And… there is no caffeine crash since the theanine in tea helps to level out caffeine’s effects!

The amount of caffeine from leaf to cup depends on tea varietal, manufacturing techniques, steeping time and the water temperature used during steeping.

Want to learn more about caffeine levels in tea? Visit our Tea 101 page and Caffeine-o-Meter.

Teas that are Great for energy

“I love Organic Amazon Spice Guayusa. I can’t do coffee in the morning, so this is my go-to. Guayusa gives you the energy boost you need to start your day without the jitters and massive amounts of caffeine that come with coffee. I have about three cups every morning to start my day. Add a cinnamon stick and this stuff is lit!”

Hunter Carter, Fusion Teas customer
Amazon Spice Guayusa Tea

Organic Amazon Spice Guayusa

Guayusa is a naturally caffeine-rich herb from the jungles of the Amazon. This bright yet spicy blend is a study in contrast. Citrusy organic lemongrass is balanced by rich, enticing organic cinnamon and earthy, green organic Guayusa. The result is a balanced blend that gratifies the palate and the body.

Green Yerba Mate Tea

Organic Green Yerba Mate

This straightforward, traditional yerba mate offers intense earthy flavors. Like some green teas, unroasted green yerba mate has an aroma reminiscent of a plowed field or fresh-cut grass. Its slightly vegetal, herbal flavor is both fortifying and satisfying.

Caramel Cream Yerba Mate dessert tea to beat sugar cravings

Caramel Cream Yerba Mate

Caramel notes shine in this unique mate and rooibos infusion, creating a delightful alternative to your caramel latte. The roasted mate, rooibos, and chicory’s bold flavors add a smoky undertone with hints of browned-sugar caramel. The character of the roasted mate is similar to coffee.

Assam Black Tea – Mokalbari Estate

Our robust single-estate Assam delivers a deep, bittersweet, malt-heavy aroma and flavor balanced with spice hints. This bold black tea has abundant tannins, moderate caffeine levels and can be steeped more than once for a great value.

Organic Everyday Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha is different from any other tea you’ll taste because it comes in a powdered form. Ingesting the whole leaf helps you gain even more green tea benefits, including antioxidants like EGCG… and caffeine! The result is a rich, vegetal green tea with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. 

Tulsi Chai Black Tea

Black tea gives this blend a rich, bold flavor while tulsi adds a softer, herbaceous note and pleasing bittersweetness into the mix. In many parts of India, tulsi is considered to be essential to a good life. In Ayurveda and folk medicine, it is used as a panacea and is a favorite of healers and nurturers.

Do these teas sound rejuvenating and delicious? Check out our Energy Boost Teas for a few more.

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