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How to pair tea with breakfast foods

Tea and breakfast – what a fun topic to explore. What teas pair best with your breakfast faves? With a few things to consider, like the caffeine content of your beverage, the time of your breakfast, and your personal palette, there is a lot of room for exploration.

Some of us like caffeine first thing in the morning. A robust cup of Assam, a flavorful Sencha, or a delicate white will all fill that bill. Pick your favorite level and flavor and jump into the world of pairing.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a “jentacular” every morning – a meal taken right upon waking that consists of black tea and biscuits. This could translate into fruit and rooibos at sunrise, or a hard-boiled egg and a steaming mug of Ceylon.

A few general guides to start you on your way… team up a bold, strong black tea (ie. Assam, Yunnan) with hearty breakfast favorites like skilleted potatoes and eggs, or a sausage frittata. Are you an avocado toast fan? Start with a half an avocado with a half a hard-boiled egg placed in the divot, thick-cut rye toast on the side, served with a steaming cup of Earl Grey. It is said that Darjeeling pairs really well with hard cheeses – how about grating aged manchego on your favorite type of wheat toast, paired with a steaming cup of organic, single-estate Darjeeling? Also, try crepes with a side of fruit with your Darjeeling.

Pairings worthy of note:

Oolong with bagel and lox
Jasmine Green tea with granola, nuts and dried fruit
White tea or Japanese Sencha with fruit and honeyed yogurt
Chai with hearty cardamom granola
Organic Chinese Yunnan Gold with pumpkin or zucchini muffins
Chamomile with your lemon scone

Lapsang Souchong with bacon and white cheddar quiche

Looking for a romantic date idea? Try breakfast in bed – with a decadent black tea like Chocolate Dipped Raspberry!
Enjoy the ever-evolving flavors and pair your favorite tea with a variety of savory and sweet breakfast foods. Celebrate your morning.

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