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How to store loose leaf tea at home

Once you’ve purchased premium loose leaf teas, you’ll want to store it properly to keep it fresh and flavorful for as long as possible.  

Where to store your teas

Location. Location. Location. Tea has a long shelf life because it’s completely dry. However, any moisture can drastically shorten its optimum freshness.

Keep tea out of direct sunlight. Your tea cabinet should be in a consistent, room-temperature area (67 to 77°F), dry, and away from any heat source. Make sure your cabinet isn’t near your dishwasher and don’t pick a spot next to your oven. Never store tea in the refrigerator, and avoid the top of the fridge, where it could be too warm.  

Tea is highly absorbent as well, so keep it separate from items with a strong odor. And, make sure you don’t store your tea with spices. 

How to store your tea properly

Tea Storage Containers

Avoid storing tea in porous packaging materials like paper bags. All of our teas come in premium resealable zipper pouches with a five-layer body that protects your tea from moisture and air. These tea pouches are perfect for storing your tea, but you can also opt for convenient, reuseable tea canisters.

Our specially designed latch-lock tins are airtight and protect your loose tea from the outside elements. Keep your tea tins sealed—the more tea is exposed to oxygen, the more odor and moisture it may absorb.

Here are our two favorite canisters for storing tea:


Organizing Your Tea Cabinet

Organizing your tea cabinet is an art form. You need a place for your collection, to keep it fresh and at the ready. Categorizing by tea type or caffeine level is helpful. The most important part is storing your tea correctly, to protect your loose-leaf tea from air, light, and moisture. K

Storing your tea properly will preserve its rich flavor and aroma for many tea breaks to come! Enjoy creating a special place to preserve, store and display your tea and accessories. You’ll soon have an efficient and beautiful way to savor your tea to the fullest!

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