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Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade Iced Tea Recipe

Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

Is a thirst-quenching green tea lemonade calling your name? Try our tasty recipe for Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade; it’s perfect for the summer months. 

Three classic summertime flavors—green tea, jasmine, lemon—combine to offer a chilled beverage that is at once refreshing, delicious and calming. The bright citrus and floral notes of jasmine flowers are clear and strong, blended with organic green tea to add complexity. 

As you brew our blend of sweet jasmine blossoms and green tea, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to fragrant flower garden—overcome by the beauty and power of the lush, exotic floral aroma.

Organic Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea is richly succulent. Gentle floral notes infuse this tea while a nectar-like sweetness lingers on the palate. Jasmine with Flowers is stronger in flavor than many green teas, and the quiet jasmine notes become more pronounced as the tea cools. Learn more about green tea on our Tea Types page. 

This cool, refreshing green tea lemonade recipe balances the heady floral notes of jasmine green tea with honey and lemon. It’s gently sweetened and is easy to modify to suit your taste!

Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

Remember that green tea becomes bitter if oversteeped. If you’d like a stronger jasmine flavor, add more tea leaves (rather than steeping the tea longer):


¼ cup Organic Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea

4 cups hot water, brought to a simmer

½ cup fresh lemon juice

⅓ cup organic honey (check your area for local honey)

3 cups cold water


Steep the jasmine green tea in hot water for 1.5 to 3 minutes. The water is best at 175 degrees (not boiling).

Strain the tea and pour into a large pitcher. Stir in honey until dissolved, then pour in the lemon juice. Add in cold water. Refrigerate until chilled, about 2 hours. Serve over ice. 

Prefer black tea? Try this recipe with our creamy yet crisp Lemonade Black Tea. The scent of lemons billows up from this tea. It creates a layered, sweet infusion blended with juicy lemon, perfect on ice. Vibrant citrus and ginger meld with the solid black tea base and a hint of savory sea salt. 

Love jasmine? Try our Organic Jasmine Green Tea Pearls hot or iced. This premium hand-rolled jasmine green tea features tightly rolled pearls that unfurl into a light, sweet cup. The glowing brew is highly aromatic; a fresh green menagerie with distinct jasmine overtones. This is a tea to savor.

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