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Loving wine and tea: The best teas for wine lovers

Wine and tea. There are many similarities between these two ever-popular beverages… flavor, complex flavor nuances and huge variety from each plant. The terroir (climate, soils and altitude) of both wine and tea is important to the quality of each. And of course, growing seasons and cultivation methods.


These two drinks bring people together. It’s great to share a bottle of wine with friends or put the kettle on when someone drops in for a visit. Its lovely to enjoy solo too, but especially fun to share. In many cultures both wine and tea are a central part of social relations. Or combine the two drinks during the holidays to enjoy some Mulled Wine with Spiced Tea.


There are countless ways to pair wine and tea with a variety of sweet and savory foods. Wine and cheese is a storied combination, inspiring all sorts of pairings. Serving tea with cheese is gaining in popularity. Try a white tea with a manchego sheep cheese.


With all the similarities, let’s focus on flavor…


If you like heavier red wines, a port, and mead, try:


Notes of muscat grape and ice wine highlight this black tea while hints of floral and honey come forward. Honey Mead Black Tea honors two ancient beverages: Mead, the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, and tea, another of the world’s oldest beverages. Sip this tea and celebrate the complementary oppositions in life: old and new, light and dark, sweet and savory.


If you like Cabernet Sauvignon and bold reds…


This wine-inspired tea is bold and fruity. Deep, luscious flavor offer hints of black currant, and are reminiscent of harvest season on a vineyard. With a solid, full-flavored black tea as its base, our Peach Vineyard has a bouquet of berry, earthy undertones and a winey character. The finish is rich, like a sweet red wine.


Enjoy a Pinot Noir, or lighter reds?


This rich, fruit and flower blend is a delicious feast for the senses. Its rich, purple infusion sends out a ripe, raisiny aroma. Black currants, hibiscus blossoms, three types of berries and sour cherry pieces create a full-bodied, vivid infusion of unrivaled depth.


This tea exudes a luscious, intense, velvety-smooth flavor and a fresh, blossomy aroma. Floral flavors are balanced by the buttery undertones of the savory-sweet oolong. Further complexities come forward with peachy notes and a hint of jasmine.


Like a sparkling, white wine, or rose?


This celebratory and refined tea is a perfect choice for those who love both tea and wine. This is an elegant white tea to be appreciated and savored. For discerning palates, the captivating floral and juicy red raspberry flavors highlight, but don’t overshadow, the classic white tea. The complexity of delicate white tea is rounded out by honeyed sparkling wine notes and a hint of jasmine.


Our Tangerine White Tea is a delicate symphony of flavors, akin to a refined white sparkling wine. The nuanced aroma of tangerine dances gracefully through this sophisticated white tea blend, drawing parallels with the delicate bubbles and fruity undertones of a fine sparkling wine. Adorned with vibrant marigold flowers and specks of bright orange peel, the infusion radiates a floral citrus allure, reminiscent of the crisp and refreshing morning mimosa.




For fun ways to combine tea with juice and other ingredients, check out our Alcohol-Free Summer Tea Mocktails!

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