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Is tea dehydrating? We answer this common tea question.

Myth Busters: Is Tea Dehydrating?

Do you often wonder if tea is dehydrating? Customers often ask us if drinking tea is just as good as drinking water.

The truth is that tea counts as a beneficial and hydrating drink; even though caffeine-containing tea is a diuretic, the actual caffeine amount does not offset the hydration benefits of tea. Your body will absorb as much fluid as it needs as long as you are giving it water-based fluids.

We offer more than 100 teas and tisanes that hydrate, refresh and taste delicious. Whether it’s a classic pure tea, a wild blend of herbs and spices, a bold black tea, a delicate white tea, or something in between we have the beverage to quench your thirst. Read on, we also have pairing suggestions with healthy, hydrating food.

Myth: Tea is Dehydrating

Caffeine is a mild diuretic that causes your kidneys to work to flush your system. But, it is said you would have to drink 500 mg of caffeine a day to see dehydrating effects. That’s a lot of tea even for a tea lover.

Curious about caffeine amounts? Check out this post: How Much Caffeine is in My Tea. Generally, tea has about 10-70mg of caffeine per brewed cup, with Yerba Mate about 80mg per cup.  And of course, we have many naturally caffeine-free tisanes including tart and bold Hibiscus Fruit Tisanes.

Just think of the volume of water you consume along with a small dose of caffeine with your daily tea habit––whether it be blackgreenoolong, or white.

Some of our favorites are the delicate Silver Needle White Tea, a smooth and fruity Clouds and Mist Green Tea, a malty Assam Black Tea from the Mokalbari Estate or a naturally caffeine-free Rooibos.

We all need water to keep our body functioning properly. We need water to aid in digestion, regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, and help get rid of waste.  As we know, tea contains a lot of water, so tea can help with hydration. Also see our post on Water Quality for Tea.

Hydrating Foods to Pair With Tea

If you are concerned about dehydrating effects, especially during these warm months, check with your healthcare provider for strategies. And, here’s a short list of hydrating foods you could pair with your favorite teas:

Organic Sencha Green Tea with fresh, raw cucumbers

Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea with a colorful bowl full of blueberries (eat the rainbow)

Cinnamon Roll Black Tea with applesauce

Roasted Yerba Mate with your tomato sauce-based dish or cool gazpacho

Darjeeling Black Tea with a handful of red grapes

If tea is your morning drink, you’ll also love our post on how to pair tea with breakfast foods.
Your morning and afternoon pick-me-ups help hydrate you. Drink up, and enjoy!
Curious to learn more about tea? Check out Six Tea Facts You Might Not Know!

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