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New Glass Teaware and Tea Sampler Sets!

New Glass Teaware

The joys of glass teaware! Our new stylish glass teacups and teapots enhance the enjoyment of preparing and drinking loose-leaf tea. Experience the dance of the leaves as your tea gently infuses.
Made of strong borosilicate glass, this teaware is ultra durable and thermal shock resistant. The glass infuser mug comes with a perfectly fitted infuser basket, while the double walled glass teapot has a built-in filter in the cap. Both options make it easy and convenient to brew your favorite loose leaf teas.

Glass teaware - infuser mug and double walled glass teapot

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New Sampler Sets

New Fusion Tea Sampler Sets

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have brand new Sampler Sets ready to enjoy! They make gift giving easy.

Have you been curious about a certain type of tea? Are you interested in expanding your tea palate? Sampler Sets are the perfect way to explore the world of tea. From Top Shelf connoisseur teas, to spicy Chai blends, we have something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for even more Sampler Sets coming soon!

See Our New Sampler Sets

Teas to Enjoy With Glass Teaware

Glass teaware is an excellent way to appreciate the beautiful hues of your tea. From golden yellow, to neon green, to rich amber – glass teaware makes a wonderful accessory for your daily tea ritual.

Watch these beautiful teas unfurl in your glass teaware:

Black Dragon Pearls Black Tea 

black dragon pearls black tea

This pure black tea is a spherical beauty. The tightly-rolled pearls dramatically unfurl, some up to two inches in length. The dark amber infusion yields a slight cocoa note in the aroma. It’s a full-bodied, exquisitely complex black tea with hints of brown sugar and malt. Because the pearls expand to offer more leaf surface, they can be steeped multiple times.  

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Dark Pearl Formosa Oolong  

Dark Pearl Formosa Oolong

Very dark, roughened pearls unfold into an even, full leaf and impart an amber infusion. The vibrant brew offers a soothing aroma with a slight whiff of rose. Its satisfying cup offers a memorable range of savory, earthy, malty, sugary and honeyed notes.

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Organic Jasmine Pearls Green Tea  

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

This superb naturally scented jasmine green tea is comprised of tightly rolled pearls with pleasing variations in color and leaf texture. When steeped, the pearls slowly unfurl into a light, sweet cup. The glowing brew is highly aromatic; a fresh green menagerie with distinct jasmine overtones.

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Learn more about enjoying the ritual of tea as a journey through the senses in our post about Morning Tea Rituals.


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