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Very Velvet Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea: Between Green and Black Teas

The allure of oolong tea! Oolong teas are medium-oxidized teas. While all true tea comes from the same plant, green tea leaves have almost no oxidation while black teas are fully oxidized. In that in-between range of oxidation, you have oolong teas!

For the senses, oolong is a feast. Visually interesting, it is beautiful in both its dry leaf and steeped forms. This tea is complex and engaging, ranging from orchids and apples, to chocolate and coffee.

Origins of oolong tea belong to Taiwan and southeast China. Oolong is produced when tea leaves are allowed to wither, then rolled or twisted to increase oxidation. Then the leaves are heated, and the process is repeated over and over until the perfect flavor is achieved.

While all of our premium loose leaf teas can be re-steeped, oolongs are particularly well suited for numerous steeps. As the tightly rolled leaves steep, they unfurl, exposing more surface area and releasing more flavor. Each time the leaves are steeped they offer a slightly different flavor profile. This gives it a great value and a special appeal for foodies interested in honing their tasting and pairing skills. Check out our article Oolong Tea for Multiple Infusions.

ginseng oolong tea

Nuanced and sophisticated, oolong tea is the ideal connoisseur’s tea, yet it appeals to many tea newbies, too. Try these special premium oolongs:

Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong

These deep-green rolled orbs are coated in ginseng powder. They are beautiful to look at as the leaves unfurl with each steeping. The medium amber liquor reveals a refreshing, light-bodied, flavorful infusion. Ginseng Oolong brews up a cup with a pleasantly roasty aroma and a bright flavor that is herbaceous, toasty and faintly sweet.

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Ti Kwan Yin Oolong

Organic Ti Kwan Yin Oolong

As they brew, Ti Kwan Yin’s ocean-colored, rolled leaves unfurl to reveal sweet, mellow, tropical aromas. The bright, clear, butter-yellow infusion tastes of tropical flowers dipped in sweet cream. Nuanced and ethereal notes of orchids play with the delicate sweetness of green grapes and dried apples, much like a fruity-floral, off-dry white wine.

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Very Velvet Oolong

Very Velvet Oolong

This tea exudes a luscious, intense, velvety-smooth flavor and a fresh, blossomy aroma. The enticing and aromatic notes of strawberry and blue cornflower combine with the distinctly floral quality of a full-bodied green oolong. Further complexities come forward with peachy notes and a hint of jasmine. The aftertaste leaves you with a lush, refreshing flavor to savor…

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Tropical Islander Oolong

Islander Oolong Tea

This is a bright, yet delicate and delicious, drink. Its dark golden cup, sweet aroma and silky mouthfeel evoke relaxation and pure enjoyment. The oolong in the blend is mildly sweet and smooth, and when paired with passion fruit and marigold petals it produces delectable, lightly fruity flavors and rich, honeyed aromas.

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Watch your oolong unfurl with our Double-Walled Glass Teapot. Plus, check out our Oolong Tea Sampler which is a perfect introduction and features five lovely oolongs.

Learn more about Oolong Teas on our Tea Types Page.

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