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Oolong teas for multiple infusions monkey picked oolong

Oolong Tea for Multiple Infusions – Teas You Can Brew Many Times Over

One of the greatest advantages of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be brewed for multiple infusions, often delivering the best taste on the second or third infusion!

While all of our premium loose leaf teas can be re-steeped for multiple infusions, oolong teas are particularly well suited for numerous steeps. As the tightly rolled leaves steep, they unfurl, exposing more surface area and releasing more flavor.

About Oolong Tea

Nuanced, sophisticated, honeyed, earthy and rich! That’s just a few ways to describe our oolongs. 

Oolong Tea originated in the mountains of southeast China (Fujian Province, near Taiwan) centuries ago. Oolong production soon spread to Taiwan, where it is considered to be an art form. 

Oolong teas are often rolled to create a beautiful pearls, and are crafted intentionally to be re-steeped. The act of the leaf unfurling offers different nuanced flavors with each brew. These teas give you great value, considering how many times you can steep the leaves.

There is a lot of art that goes into a great oolong, and there are many varieties and flavor profiles. Highly oxidized oolongs are dark and roasty, similar to a black tea… lightly oxidized oolongs have a fragrant, floral flavor profile. 

Tips to Brewing Oolong Tea for Multiple Infusions

Try brewing your oolong tea with more leaves and less water— this concentrates the flavor, allowing you to brew the leaves 3-5 times. 

A shorter brew time allows the leaf to open slowly with each infusion, allowing for additional infusions. Try brewing your first infusion for just 1 minute, adding a little bit of time to each subsequent brew.

To learn more about oolong tea and how it differs from other teas, check out this post.

Oolong tea for multiple infusions

Try These Oolong Teas for Multiple Infusions

Dark Pearl Formosa Oolong  

Dark Pearl Formosa Oolong

Very dark, roughened pearls unfurl into an even, full leaf and impart an amber infusion. The vibrant brew offers a soothing aroma with a slight whiff of rose. Its satisfying cup offers a memorable range of savory, earthy, malty, sugary and honeyed notes. 

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Monkey Picked Oolong  

Monkey Picked Oolong for multiple infusions

This exquisite oolong is sweet and complex, with accents of roasted chestnuts and buttery caramel. Apricot, orchid and honey undertones shine through with a subtle sweetness in the cup. There is a soothing character to this tea.

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Tropical Islander Oolong  

Islander Oolong Tea

This is a bright, delicate and delicious tea. The oolong in the blend is mildly sweet and smooth, and when paired with passion fruit and marigold petals it produces delectable, fruity notes and rich, honeyed aromas.

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Very Velvet Oolong  

Very Velvet Oolong

This tea exudes a luscious, intense, velvety-smooth flavor and a fresh, blossomy aroma.  As you brew Very Velvet Oolong, the tightly curled leaves expand enormously as they impart a soft amber infusion. The aromatic notes of strawberry and blue cornflower combine with the distinctively floral quality of a full-bodied green oolong. 

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Smoked Mango Oolong  

Smoked Mango Oolong for multiple infusions

Floral, stone-fruity oolong serves as a layered base for this complex tea blend. Safflower petals and marigold petals add visual appeal, while chili flakes and dry mango bring flavor in spades. A bit of heat and an almost syrupy mouthfeel make this tea an addictive, instant favorite.

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