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Our Top Five Reasons to Love Tea

Tea is a ritual; tea is nourishment. It slows you down. It gives you energy. It shifts the day and gives you moments to call your own. There are many fantastic things about tea; here are five of our favorites.

1.Tea tastes good

It’s delicious and oh what variety––tea can be hearty or delicate; smoky or fruity, hot or iced. The tea you select for your first cup of the morning can be distinctly different from your afternoon cup. Match your mood; one cup floral jasmine pearl and the next a malty Assam with rock sugar and almond milk. And tea pairs well with food. You can enjoy a classic black tea with a sweet treat or team up a subtle white tea with a flavorful manchego cheese. How about a green tea with a stir fry?

2. Tea brings us together

Connection. Tea is easy to share. Set out a pot of tea when friends are over and they will surely gather around. Tea encourages one to slow down and be in the moment. When we slow down, we bon­d­­––with our children, our friends, even our coworkers. Just imagine how nice you’d make a co-worker feel if you offered to make them a cup of tea when you make your cup.

3. Drinking tea brings us closer to other cultures

Many countries have created and continue intricate tea cultures. By experiencing a tea culture you gain insight into that place’s traditions overall. Throughout the world gathering for tea is all about warmth and hospitality. There are elaborate rituals, like the time-honored Japanese tea ceremony, the hallowed British afternoon tea, and the Russian samovar which provides continual tea to all of those to share. Each custom offers a way to connect.

4. Tea makes us feel good

Tea is soothing and hydrating. The theanine found in tea is calming and promotes relaxation. It’s also full of antioxidants that boost the immune system and amino acids which help promote healthy cells and reduce inflammation.

5. Tea is meditative

The ritual of preparing and drinking tea calms the spirit. It awakens us to the tiniest detail and helps us become more aware and maybe even a little more patient. Pay attention to the sound of the water boiling, watch for the steam. Inhale deeply when you first open the tea canister. Watch the color of the tea change as it steeps. Be open to all your senses.

Back to that variety, here are five categories of “tea” to love!



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