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Strawberry Teas: Juicy, Sweet, Summertime Treats

If you love fresh, sweet berries in the summer, you’ll love these strawberry teas!

Packed with vitamins, fiber and high levels of our favorite polyphenols, strawberries are a great addition to tea. They are known to be in the top 20 fruits high in antioxidants and a good source of magnesium and potassium.

Juicy strawberries blend perfectly with bright teas, herbs and other fruits. The fresh sweet-floral berry is both tart and smooth. 

Did you know that in England there is even an event called a Strawberry Tea? It’s a late springtime annual treat at the start of strawberry season.  Tea is served alongside fresh strawberries and cream in the morning or afternoon. It’s a thing!

Our strawberry teas taste amazing as iced teas, with mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice. Choose from these delicious strawberry teas: 

Strawberry Melon Green Tea

Our Favorite Strawberry Teas

Strawberry Treasure Herbal Tea

Notes of sweet strawberry greet you, followed by a hint of tangy hibiscus, and finishing with deep ginger notes. Fruity notes of strawberries and apples create a bright and lively infusion, while a hint of earthy ginger provides warmth. Herbaceous lemon myrtle and tangy hibiscus add layers of complexity. 

Strawberry Melon Green Tea

Strawberry Melon Green Tea

This beautiful green tea blend is full of fruit pieces. The distinct melon aroma is punctuated by juicy strawberry. Sweet notes of strawberry combine nicely with melon, with a refreshing aftertaste lingering on the palate. This thirst-quenching green tea blend is all about sun-ripened strawberries, with delightful layers of complexity and fruity sweetness. 

Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Herbal Tea for your evening tea ritual

Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Fruit Tisane

A delicious bouquet of colorful blossoms and fruit, this tisane engages you immediately. Aromas of fresh fruit and berries stir your senses. Along with hibiscus blossoms and black currants, the treasures of elderberries and three other types of berries create a flavorful brew. Apple pieces round out the cup with smoothness. All of the flavors meld together into “dessert in a teacup”.

Very Berry Guayusa Herbal Tea with Strawberries

Very Berry Guayusa

Elderberry, blackberry, strawberry, rose hips, raspberry and hibiscus each add their own berry flavors to this blend. It’s a little sweet and tart, supported by earthy, green notes of Organic Green Guayusa (a close relative of Yerba Mate). The brilliant red infusions matches the bright and tangy flavors.

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And if you are craving a summery strawberry treat, try our Hibiscus Coconut Milk Pink Bliss Iced Tea recipe, made with Very Berry Hibiscus, or our Strawberry Fields Hibiscus Fruit Smoothie.

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