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Fusion Tea Sampler Sets

Tea Sample Sets for Indecisive People – You CAN Have It All!

There are so many inviting and delicious teas out there, it’s hard to know just where to start. If you are beginning to explore tea, or you’re buying a gift for someone new to tea, you may want to sample some of our great variety. In those cases, a tea sample set is often a great start.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just starting out on your tea journey, our sample sets are perfect for expanding your palate and stepping outside of your comfort zone. They may just help you discover a new favorite today!

Our tea sample sets are selected to present a range of teas within a selected category.

Think about a curated mixed case of wine; it is intended to help people try a range of flavors in order to find out what they enjoy most. The point isn’t to love every tea (though many people do!). The point is to see what kinds of teas are out there and to know which direction you want to go in next.

Tea Sample Sets

Each of our tea sampler sets offers a good variety within the tea-type category.

Black Tea Sampler Set

Black Tea Sampler Set

Rich, bold, dark, intense. If you love a full-bodied cup, then black tea is just the tea for you!

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Oolong Tea Sample Set

Oolong Tea Sampler

A perfect introduction to the subtle complexity of oolong teas. Our sophisticated oolongs offer a rich tea experience.

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Green Tea Sampler

Green Tea Sampler

This antioxidant powerhouse of a tea is as delicious as it is healthy. One of our green teas could be your new go-to brew.

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Herbal Tea Sample Set

Herbal Tea Sampler

From Chamomile to Tulsi, our herbal tisanes are soothing, invigorating and uplifting.

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Hibiscus Sample Set

Hibiscus Tea Sampler

Bold, tart and so full of flavor… We love the incredible, cranberry-like flavor that hibiscus has to offer. It’s a best seller!

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Yerba Mate Tea Sample Set

Yerba Mate Tea Sampler

Robust invigorating, earthy. This delicious beverage provides a caffeine kick without the jitters, making it a flavorful favorite.

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To learn more about our teas and some of their benefits, check out our article What Nutrients are in My Tea?

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