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Teas for Kids

Caffeine-free teas seem like an obvious choice for kids. However, drinking caffeine in small amounts is also perfectly healthy for kids–so long as it isn’t in the form of sugary, artificially-flavored sodas or flavored, sugar-bomb lattes! In fact, kids from some of the healthiest cultures around the world drink tea, including green tea in Japan, oolong tea in China and black / herbal tea blends in India.


Here are some of our favorite low-caf teas for kids along with some information on how kids drink them around the world:

Tulsi Chai: In India, kids get especially milky chai. It has much more warm milk than your usual chai, so it’s extra-low-caf and it’s a great introduction to tea! Similarly, in England, many kids drink English Breakfast Tea with lots of milk and only a little tea.


Organic Genmaicha: In Japan, Genmaicha is a go-to tea for kids (and the elderly, and people who are ill, too). Its naturally nutty flavor and its unique appearance make it a favorite for Western kids, too.


White Thunder: Traditional Chinese white teas are naturally low in caffeine. This one is blended with mint for an even lower caffeine level, and for brighter, bolder flavor that kids love.


Iced teas: Sweet iced tea is commonly given to young children in the American South, while unsweetened iced tea is given to kids in many other parts of the U.S. It’s considered to be a refreshing drink for all ages, especially in warmer weather. Citrusy black tea blends like 50-50 Delight make especially kid-friendly iced teas.


Green teas: In places as diverse as China and Morocco, children drink green teas from a young age. In China, it’s usually unflavored tea, and in Morocco, the tea is always prepared with fresh mint, but in North America, we have access to a wide variety of flavored, low-caf green teas for kids. Some of our little customers’ favorites are Watermelon Lime (pictured above), Strawberry Lychee and White Tangerine.

Which kinds of teas do your kids love? Have you shared only herbal teas (such as Hibiscus or Rooibos) with them, or do you also give them teas with love caffeine levels?

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