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The Black Teas Every Man Must Try

The Black Teas Every Man Must Try

Newcomers to the world of tea might not realize how complex of a topic it is. Producing and drinking it has been a tradition for centuries in areas all across the globe. If you’re trying to branch out and discover the deliciously bold world of black teas, sift through this guide to the black teas every man must try. That way, you can truly make the most out of your tea drinking experience.


This black tea has a reputation for its bold, malty flavor, which tea drinkers tend to balance out with the help of milk, sugar, or honey. Assam is also full of caffeine, so it’s a delicious alternative to coffee as well. Just like most black teas, Assam typically contains about 45 milligrams of caffeine, though it can contain more. Named after a famous tea-producing region in India, Assam is one of the strongest black teas on the market.

Earl Grey

Early Grey is one of the world’s most famous teas. One of the biggest ways it differs from Assam is in its fruity taste and aroma. You can still add milk and sugar if you’d like, but the aroma and flavor of bergamot fruit provides Earl Grey with a delicious experience all on its own. The way in which the fruit balances with the bold nature of the black tea is what has made Earl Grey so famous for many, many years.

Masala Chai

This beloved drink from India is famous thanks to its strong, spicy flavor and its popularity in day-to-day life in the country. That famous flavor comes from brewing black tea leaves with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. To further enhance the flavor, mix the masala chai with milk, sugar, or honey. This will give you a unique blend of sweetness and spiciness that will truly make you fall in love with this iconic Indian drink.

These are the black teas every man must try, but they’re not the only teas on the market. Far from it, in fact. On our website, you can find all of the teas listed above as well as a wide array of other teas—such as loose-leaf oolong tea—that can provide an eclectic variety of aromas and flavors for you to enjoy.

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