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Tropical Teas for Island Vibes

Life can be crazy and sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Whether that be away from the crazy chaos of a job or the never-ending load of laundry, messes, and poopy diapers. Sometimes you just need a break. Travel is starting to open up again and you could take a trip to the tropics or an island getaway to Hawaii, but maybe that isn’t an option for you.

We have the perfect solution to your woes and that is tea. Tea has a way of letting you unwind, calming your nerves, and helping you live in the present moment without all of the distractions. When you mix tea with tropical island flavors, you get a combination that takes you away to that island spot without ever leaving home.

We have even put together a list of some of our favorite tropical teas that can be the aircraft to your island, the conduit to your calm, the cruise ship to your Caribbean. Check out the list below and for even more flavorful options check out the recipes at blog.fusionteas.com

Passion Fruit Black

“Great teas…the flavors were amazing, I was able to quit sugary soft drinks because of it. I know I will be buying again and trying new flavors.” – Dev

This visually splendid tea full of rich flavors combines black tea with tangy-sweet passion fruit. The blazing colors of blossoms and fruit bits draw you in to take a closer look. The aroma is fragrant, floral, sweet. Passion fruit and papaya round out this dramatically beautiful blend, while black tea offers up a velvety, rich mouthfeel. Dreamy floral notes peek through the rose blossoms, sunflower blossoms, and cornflowers.  

Sweet Mango Mirabelle Green Tea

“I love it! It’s delicious! My husband is not a hot tea drinker at all, but he loves this one, too- I think because the fruit makes it sweeter than others.” – Shayla

This fresh, fruity infusion lingers on the palate. Like the yellow plum it’s named after, this Sweet Mirabelle Green Tea has a full, succulent flavor. Big pieces of dried mango adorn this blend and the flavor of the brewed tea is straightforward and honest: it’s all about the fruit! An intoxicating sweetness infuses every sip. Plum and mango combine to create an exotic flavor with a tangy finish. Enjoy the charms of this delightful blend for a mini-vacation any time of year.

Exotic Pomegranate White/Green Tea

“Very good. I like the combination of white and green tea; good flavor. I am a big fan of pomegranate so this was a good tea for me.” – Tracy

This unusual blend intermixes a surprising array of exotic fruits and white and green tea for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can get an idea of just how unique this tea is by simply looking at the dry blend. Two green teas (Sencha and Kukicha), a white tea (Bai Mu Dan / Pai Mu Dan), dried fruits (kiwi, dragonfruit, raspberry, and pomegranate), and lemongrass create a melange unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Brewed, Exotic Pomegranate supplies abundant berry notes and a clear pomegranate flavor.

Caribbean Colada Rooibos

“Simply DELIGHTFUL. This is everything I love in a tea! I love exciting fruit and creamy or vanilla flavors. While this did not have vanilla, it was super creamy. I love this tea sooo much. It’s a tropical delight for sure full of flavor!”  -Cassandra

Sip this tea and kick back for a vacation any day of the week. Velvety smooth and oh-so-fruity, it’s like a pina colada without the calories. Caribbean Colada soothes with its creamy, sweet notes of banana, pineapple, and coconut in every sip. The mouthfeel is rich and creamy, but a playful lightness leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Extreme Mango Yerba Mate

“Sooooooo good. Finally, I have found a tea that actually has that mango flavor down.” -Christina

Did someone say fruit-forward? This tea is a luscious explosion of fruit and tropical sweetness. From the big chunks of mango and pineapple in the loose tea to the heady fruit notes in the infused tea, Mango Mate is a satisfying fruit medley from start to finish. Mango makes this tea juicy and sweet, while a hint of citrus plays in the background. Yerba mate offers a pleasant bite that complements the tropical fruits perfectly.

Peaches & Kiwi Hibiscus Fruit Tea

“I cannot even say how much I love the Peaches and Kiwi Hibiscus Tea! From the start, it’s been my all-time favorite of your teas. I have even got my boyfriend and coworkers hooked on it. Every kind I order is great but Peaches and Kiwi is the win for me and would recommend to everyone.” – Whitney

This hot-pink brew packs the bold flavors of juicy, tangy summer fruits and tart-sweet hibiscus flowers. At once exotic and familiar, it’s a surprising blend kids and grown-ups both love. Kiwi, hibiscus, and pineapple give it a SOUR flavor. Peachy, tangy, bright, and sour.

Have you tried hibiscus fruit teas? They are packed with flavor and goodness; see our post Top Reasons to Drink Hibiscus Tea.

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