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Weight Loss Teas and Wellness Teas

With the start of a new year, try a few new weight loss teas to shake up your New Years resolutions. Drinking more tea helps with hydration, adds nutrients and satisfies your sweet tooth.

Renew. Revitalize. Energize. Ready to start anew?

Weight Loss Tips

Go for that daily walk! Consistency is key to creating new habits.

Add a little lemon to your cup – lemon can help your body absorb more of the antioxidants in your tea.

Make the switch from coffee to tea. Enjoying your favorite tea instead of a mocha or latte will cut about 300 calories out of your diet each day!

Get quality sleep. Turn off screens an hour before bedtime and make yourself a cup of chamomile tea.

Yerba maté, guayusa and oolong tea are often said to help us keep our weight in check.

Weight Loss Teas

Delicious Weight Loss Teas

Roasted Cocoa Mint Yerba Mate

Roasted Cocoa Mint Yerba Mate

Chocolate chips, toasted rice and marigold petals are the first cue of how dazzling this blend is. The dark, thick infusion offers aromas of spearmint and chocolate that draw you in deeper. Earthy roasted mate, nutty organic rooibos and sharp chicory create a solid triad base for this flavorful blend. More complexity is reached with spearmint, cocoa beans, malted barley and almonds.

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Raspberry Yerba Mate

Raspberry Yerba Mate

If you are looking for a sugar-free alternative to soda or juice, this is the tea for you! Notes of sweet raspberry leave a lingering sweetness on the palate after the first sip. The bold fruitiness of raspberry is complemented by herbaceous yerba mate, which imparts a pleasant tart note. You’ll discover a compelling combination in the natural sweetness of raspberry and earthy yerba mate.

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Organic Green Guayusa

Organic green guayusa

Imagine yerba mate. Now make it mellower, sweeter, more luscious. Add a deep green note of stinging nettle, and notice the smooth, woodsy aftertaste. That is our Amazonian Green Guayusa.  

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Smoked Mango Oolong

Smoked Mango Oolong

A floral, highly-oxidized oolong serves as a layered base for this complex tea blend. Safflower petals and marigold petals add visual appeal, while smoky chili flakes and dried mango bring intense flavor. Heat, and an almost syrupy mouthfeel make this tea a favorite.

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Tropical Islander Oolong

Islander Oolong Tea

This bright, yet delicate infusion yields a sweet aroma and silky mouthfeel. The oolong is mildly sweet and smooth, and when paired with passion fruit and marigold petals it produces delectable, fruity flavors and rich, honeyed aromas.

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Also try our Energy Boost Sampler which features guayusa, matcha, yerba mate and black tea. Find a new favorite!

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