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Making the Switch – How to switch from coffee to tea

Many of us enjoy tea because we’ve given up coffee. There are great reasons to add tea to your day and diet. Tea is great for hydration (use pure water) and there are many teas and tisanes so you won’t get bored with one flavor profile. Enjoy black tea in the morning, green tea or rooibos in the afternoon and a naturally caffeine-free herbal tisane in the evening. All of them give you the opportunity to drink more water. And if you love your lattes, check out this post: 4 DIY Tea Latte Recipes.

Teas and herbal tisanes are packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Green tea is an antioxidant powerhouse. Yerba mate is packed with magnesium, potassium and zinc. Coffee can be harsh on the stomach, while some herbal teas and rooibos can aid in digestion and help stomach troubles.

Tea is simple to prepare and take on the go. You can always have your favorite tea with you, instead of just drinking whatever coffee is available. (Check out our make-your-own tea bags you fill with a favorite tea)

Another great benefit of tea is its potential to slow you down. Preparing tea can become a mini-meditation as you prepare for your day and focus on tasks ahead while your tea steeps. Tea is also a fantastic bonding tool. Instead of grabbing coffee through a drive-thru, meet a friend for tea. Or prepare your partner tea as you make your own.

Where to start? Began by selecting loose-leaf teas based on flavors you already enjoy. If you drink three cups of coffee a day you may want to add in tea slowly, replacing a cup of coffee a day for tea.

Assam tea is tannic, and prized for powerful, malty flavors. Our single-ingredient, single-estate Assam tea delivers a deep, bittersweet, malt-heavy flavor, balanced with hints of cardamom and a fruit note. This bold black tea is at the upper end of medium for caffeine and if you enjoy your powerful brew with a bit of milk and sugar, this is the one for you.

Not for the faint of heart, this is one of the boldest black teas we offer. If you enjoy thick dark brews, and want a medium caffeine level, this single-ingredient tea could be the perfect aid in a transition from coffee. Malty and winey, the complex bold flavors of rich spices, tobacco, red fruits, and pronounced tannins create an assertiveness to this strong black tea.

Tiger Chai This tea, with its robust caffeine level, is seriously powerful. It’s boldly tannic and rich. The strong Assam black tea spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and fennel will convert spiced latte drinkers to tea for sure. Add a bit of rock sugar and your favorite milk for the full effect.

This single-ingredient mate has a roasty flavor and a smooth autumnal character. With a high caffeine level, this malty, energizing cup satisfies that need for an earthy, hearty brew. Roasted leaves give this mate a sweeter tone, almost a caramel note, which balances the leaves’ natural astringency.

Toasty and stout with a robust caffeine level, this blend of mate, rooibos, and chicory is perfect for those looking for an alternative to coffee that doesn’t sacrifice full, rich flavor. Yerba mate offers nutrition and sustained energy without the side effects associated with coffee. Almonds, chocolate chip drops, and vanilla overtones add layers of flavor and make this mate a great mocha replacement.

Notice the flavors in your tea, and how it makes you feel. Soon, you’ll be a tea drinker.

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