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Guayusa Tea in the Amazon Rainforests of Ecuador

What is Guayusa tea? Learn about this traditional Amazonian beverage

Guayusa is essential to the traditions of Ecuadorians. The beverage has been consumed in the Amazon jungle for over a thousand years. Full of polyphenols and amino acids and packing a caffeine punch, guayusa is a beneficial addition to your day. It is also said to aid in heart health, increase metabolism and may help with weight loss.

The flavor is similar to yerba mate, has a soft, fruity flavor and no bitterness. There are very little tannins and the drink has an almost creamy texture. If you are on-the-go, you can re-steep the leaves several times and you can’t overbrew the infusion.

Teatime in Ecuador is historically very early in the morning. Guayusa brings families and communities together. They gather together and brew their tea before starting their work for the day.

Related to Yerba Mate

Grown in the Andes Mountains and upper regions of Ecuador, Peru and Columbia, it is part of the holly family and is considered a small tree of the rainforest. Related to the yerba mate plant which also contains natural caffeine, guayusa is typically grown on family farms using environmentally-friendly methods. It’s thought that increased demand for this herbal tea may help farming communities thrive.

Fusion’s Guayusa Teas

Amazon Spice

Amazon Spice Guayusa Tea

This citrusy organic blend is rich with enticing cinnamon, bright lemongrass, and earthy, green guayusa. Lemongrass refreshes, cinnamon stabilizes and guayusa enlivens. The result is a balanced blend that gratifies the palate and the body. The lingering aftertaste is both sweet and spicy.

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Organic Green Guayusa

Organic Green Guayusa Tea

Our luscious Organic Green Guayusa encompasses everything people love about yerba mate, minus the flavor note that some find intense or bitter. It’s mellower, sweeter, with a deep green note of nettle. And notice the smooth, woodsy aftertaste.

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Very Berry Guayusa

Very Berry Guayusa Tea

This blend is a little sweet, very tart and supported by an earthy, green note. Elderberry, blackberry, strawberry, rose hips, raspberry and hibiscus each add their own berry flavors to this blend. The brilliant red color matches the aftertaste: bright, tangy and strong enough to leave a lasting impression.

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