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Why Loose-Leaf Tea is Better Than Tea Bags

Why Loose-Leaf Tea is Better Than Tea Bags

For many people, drinking tea is an essential part of their daily diet. Aside from the unique flavors and aromas, certain teas also have amazing health benefits. If you’re trying to introduce tea into your diet, there are many important factors to consider, such as why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags.

Loose-Leaf vs. Dust and Fannings

Most tea bags contain something known as “dust and fannings,” which are the remnants of broken tea leaves. Brewing tea in this state greatly hinders the tea’s aroma and taste. The reason for this is that those broken tea leaves have lost a majority of their aroma and their essential oils.

Tea Bags Restrict Tea Leaf Expansion

If you want to get the most out of your tea, ditch the tea bags for this factor alone. When steeping tea, the leaves need room to expand as they infuse with the water, which is hindered when tea bags are part of the equation. Tea bags reduce the size to which the leaves can expand, which then reduces the flavor you’ll taste in your cup.

Tea Bag Sealing Can Contain Gluten

If you’re aiming for a gluten-free diet, making tea with tea bags can compromise that goal. During the tea bag manufacturing process, tea bags are often sealed with products containing gluten, such as wheat paste. Normal “plain” tea usually does not contain gluten itself, but depending on the manufacturing process it goes through, gluten cross-contamination can occur.

Why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags is perfectly exemplified by these three factors. Now that you’re more educated on the benefits of loose-leaf tea, it’s time to introduce it into your dietary routine. Now comes the fun part—finding the best flavors and aromas on the market to fit your personal taste. If you’re planning to buy loose leaf tea online, visit the Fusion Teas premium tea shop. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of flavors to suit any flavor palate.

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