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Yerba Mate: Keeping it Fresh

Not everything lasts forever and yerba mate is no different. While yerba mate won’t spoil, it can go stale or lose its flavor. When stored properly, the aging of yerba mate can actually improve the quality slightly. Some believe that it gives the yerba mate a more nuanced flavor. How long your yerba mate’s quality lasts depends on how it is stored. When stored properly, your yerba mate can last for years without losing quality.

How Do I Store my Yerba Mate?

At Fusion Teas, we package all of our infusions in resealable five-layer pouches that are temperature sealed before shipping. Once the packaging is ripped open, you can continue to store your yerba mate in the same packaging it came in. When resealed completely and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, the yerba mate can last up to a year or more. It’s best to store it at room temperature and take care not to expose it to extreme temperature changes.

Another option is to store your yerba mate in an airtight container that keeps your infusion safe from outside moisture and unwanted odors. This is especially important if you live in a humid climate where there is more moisture than normal. These airtight containers come in all shapes and sizes and they work best at helping your yerba mate and tea blends last for years.

We have decorative airtight tins that not only look nice on your countertops but also have a convenient latch that seals in the freshness for airtight protection.

How Do I Know If My Yerba Mate Has Gone Stale?

Stale yerba mate is just the worst. We have given you a few tips on how to store your yerba mate so that you can prolong the quality, but how do you know when it’s gone bad or stale? We are going to use our 5 senses in determining the quality of our yerba mate.

  1. Sight: The color of your yerba mate can tell you a lot about the quality. Now, this depends on the type of yerba mate as green and roasted differ in color. However, a green yerba mate should be olive in color and the brightness of this may vary. A stale or older yerba mate will become dull and have a yellow tinge.
  2. Smell: A quality yerba mate will smell slightly sweet with an earthy almost vegetal scent. Yerba mate that has gone stale won’t have that lovely aroma. If you smell a musty smell it may mean your mate has gone moldy, most likely due to too much moisture exposure. This would be a sign to refill your yerba mate order.
  3. Touch: When you feel your yerba mate, it should be able to bend and flex. If the leaves and stems are dry and tend to crumble to the touch, then you have a stale yerba mate.
  4. Sound: When you handle your yerba mate, does it crunch or sound brittle? If the sound is dry like leaves in the fall, it’s a pretty good sign that the quality is low, and it’s time for that batch to go.
  5. Taste: The last indication of stale yerba mate is the taste. If your yerba mate has gone stale you can taste the drop in quality. It will have lost its flavor and just won’t taste the same.

What To Do If Your Yerba Mate Has Gone Stale?

Although it is a hard mate to swallow, it may be time to replace your yerba mate with a fresh new batch. At Fusion Teas, we have a large variety of yerba mates to choose from. Everything from roasted to green or from organic to flavored with multiple infusions to choose from, you’ll find the right one for you. Here are a few options…

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