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Yerba Mate vs. Coffee. Energy Benefits: Why Mate Wins

A large percentage of people drink coffee every day to get the energy they need to get through the day effectively. What these people don’t know is that there is already a drink out on the market that is far superior to coffee in many ways. This drink is yerba mate tea. For a variety of reasons that are physical, biological, chemical, and psychological, yerba mate energy benefits are more advanced than coffee.

While both coffee and yerba mate are able to stimulate the mind, decrease physical pain perception, amplify a positive mood, increase energy, and make boring tasks easier to fulfill, there are some crucial differences between the two. Coffee is well known for physical jitters, stomach upset, and mental unease and anxiety. Then, there is the crash that comes from drinking coffee that leaves the mind and body in a state of disarray and confusion. The Mate energy benefits have none of these negative effects.

Yerba mate is much kinder on the stomach and has a much smoother rate of absorption and a more moderated intensity of effects. This means that drinking The Mate has all of the long lasting energy effects that coffee is known for. However, because of a synergistic effect with antioxidants and other beneficial chemicals present in yerba, the anxiety associated with coffee is non existent. Furthermore, it is a slightly more healthy drink that is, when it comes to antioxidant quantity, more on par with life extending green teas than neutral coffee. Combined with many vitamins and nutrients in yerba mate, the yerba mate energy benefits definitely win.

While coffee continues to offer many energy boosting benefits to drinkers, yerba mate is, according to scientific, empirical evidence, a better choice for boosting energy. The Mate has all the nutrition and energy boosting effects that coffee has and more, but is devoid of the negative crash, the anxious feelings, and other negative side effects that coffee is notorious for. This makes yerba mate tea the preferred drink of choice for health-conscious people who seek to increase positive benefits and decrease negative benefits.

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