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A green tea for every mood!

There’s a rich diversity in green teas. There’s one to fit your every mood and palate.

All green tea comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant, and the delightful differences come from where it is grown and how it is cultivated and processed. Even the time of year it is harvested provides flavor differences.

Feeling rich?

Most Japanese teas are meticulously grown in rows in tea fields, machine picked and steamed. The teas grown on this island have a rich, grassy, seaweed undertone.

Looking for potent grassiness? Try our Sencha Organic with its notes of freshly cut wildflowers and toasted nuts.

Love the unexpected?
The whimsical Organic Genmaicha is full of surprises. This tea offers a toasted seaweed aroma and a savory-sweetness of puffed brown rice and popcorn. Learn about the origins of Genmaicha.

Feeling nutty?

Chinese green teas are pan-fired or baked after they’re harvested. This gives them a nuttier, roastier flavor.
Want a balancing, refreshing tea? Mao Feng is our bold, palate-filling lush green.

In love with flowers? Jasmine with Flowers is lush, exotic and floral.

Need something sweet?

Have a sweet tooth? Try our succulent Sweet Mirabelle which exudes notes of tropical candy.
Or the delightful, berry and citrus blend of Super Fruit Sencha, with an extra antioxidant boost from super fruits.

Feeling indecisive?

If you can’t decide what choose, try the Green Tea Sampler. You’re sure to find a new favorite.

Green Tea Sampler
6-8 cups each of Organic Sencha, Green Walnut, Jasmine With Flowers, Pink Earl Grey, and Strawberry Lychee.


Want the perfect cup?

Brew all green teas in a less than boiling water, (165 – 180°), and a shorter steep, about 1-2 minutes.


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