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Fusion Teas Organic Genmaicha Popped Rice Green Tea

Genmaicha Health Benefits: Japanese Green Tea With Toasted Rice

Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese green tea. Our distinctive blend of organic green tea with toasted and popped brown rice is at once sweet and toasty. Its vegetal notes highlight the Japanese steaming process and the brown rice puts forward sweet nutty flavors.

The organic late-season Bancha in our blend provides a smooth base and fragrant aroma to this classic tea. Both mild and unique, the verdant tea is soothing and offers a source of sustained energy. (Learn about the difference between Chinese and Japanese Green Teas)

Genmaicha is No Ordinary Blend

What makes Genmaicha complex is the two forms of brown rice that balance the grassy green tea. The savory addition of brown rice makes this tea a stand out from its green tea category. Brown rice is first soaked in water so that it can be easily steamed. After being steamed, the rice is dried and roasted. After the rice is cooled, some of the rice is popped to add extra texture and flavor.

The beginnings of Genmaicha is unsettled and multiple stories are out there as to how rice was first added to tea. Seemingly agreed upon, Genmaicha was traditionally drunk by poorer Japanese, who added rice as a filler to bring the cost of their daily tea consumption down. Today, many around the world enjoy its bright, grassy and savory flavors.

Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea Organic

Health Benefits of Genmaicha

  • It is full of antioxidants: If consumed regularly, it can help boost your immune system and drain toxins from your body.
  • It may help lower blood pressure: Green tea is a force against hypertension and may lower your blood pressure.
  • It may improve heart health: Drinking green tea on a regular basis may help lower your risk of developing heart
  • It promotes relaxation: The abundant nutrient L theanine in green tea promotes relaxation.

Pairing Food with Genmaicha

Our organic green tea pairs well with most Asian cuisine. Also team it with seafood, your favorite grilled bread and roasted veggies. It’s also perfect with fruit for an afternoon snack.

Learn more about pairing your favorite teas with savory foods.

Try our Organic Genmaicha

Organic Genmaicha Toasted Rice Green Tea

Green tea gives this blend notes of toasted seaweed, while toasted and puffed brown rice add savory-sweet aromas of popcorn and grain. The golden-green brew has a full, rich aroma akin to kale chips. Its balanced, bright flavor is grainy, fresh and green. The aftertaste that follows is mellow and smooth… a balanced ending.

Here’s what one customer says about our Organic Genmaicha:

“A lovely genmaicha for summer months – or anytime! Not too heavy.” – Azzrian

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