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Caffeine that won’t make you Crash!

You know what we’re talking about. You are feeling groggy and feeling the morning lull, so, you reach for some caffeine in the form of a coffee, a Diet Coke, or an energy drink. Ah, you feel better. At least for a bit, that is until the caffeine wears off and now you feel the drop in energy. What do you do now? Well, naturally you’re most likely going to crave another round of your caffeine fix.

We get it. We all want the boost we get from caffeine, but did you know that there is a better way? Would you be surprised to know that the better way is something called yerba mate?

Yerba mate comes from the holly plant family which is native to Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. It isn’t a true tea, meaning it does not come from the Camilla Sinensis plant; however, yerba mate is a magical little plant. Ok, not magical, but it does have some amazing benefits.

First, yerba mate is full of energy-boosting compounds called Xanthines. Included here are stimulants like caffeine and theobromine.

Second, it contains antioxidant compounds like caffeoyl derivatives as well as other polyphenols. Polyphenols are known for boosting digestion and help in the fight against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

Third, yerba mate contains l-theanine which is known to help ease stress and anxiety. It has a calming effect and studies have shown it can also improve our cognitive abilities. Many people say having l-theanine with your coffee is the best combination, but yerba mate naturally has both high caffeine and l-theanine already. There is no need to add anything.

The great thing about yerba mate is that it can be combined with other fantastically delicious ingredients for an infusion that never leaves you bored. As well as having a variety of yerba mate infusions, these infusions can be prepared either hot or cold, making yerba mate a perfect option for refreshing iced mate treats.

If you would like more information on caffeine levels of your favorite drinks, check out our Caffeine-O-Meter. If you are interested in learning more about caffeine check out our blog post Caffeine in Coffee vs. Tea.

Below we have listed a few of our best-selling favorite iced tea herbal that pack the punch when it comes to caffeine and energy-boosting compounds.

Extreme Mango Yerba Mate
Did someone say fruit-forward? This is a luscious explosion of fruit and tropical sweetness! From the big chunks of mango and pineapple to the heady fruit notes in the infused tea, this is a satisfying fruit medley from start to finish. Notes of ripe mango make this tea juicy and sweet, while a hint of citrus plays in the background. Yerba mate offers a pleasant bite that complements the tropical fruits perfectly.

Very Berry Guayusa
The naturally occurring caffeine in guayusa provides a bright boost of energy. Elderberry, blackberry, strawberry, rose hips, raspberry, and hibiscus each add their distinct flavors to this blend. It’s a little sweet and very tart and supported by an earthy, green note of Organic Green Guayusa (a close relative of yerba mate).

Juicy Fruit Yerba Mate
This mate is so fruity and juicy, just like it says in the title. With the fruity flavors of candied apples and delicious pomegranates alongside the woodsy hints of a rainforest, this tea will soon become a favorite. It’s sweet and tangy, but more complex than your typical cup with the subtle hints of dates, beetroot, and a little bite of coriander spice.

Guava Yerba Mate
Guava Yerba Mate is our newest addition to our mate family of teas. It is a lively and bright blend of yerba mate leaves, apple pieces beetroot, guava flakes, rose petals, and sweet blackberry leaves. This bright red infusion is packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and of course caffeine.

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