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Discover Exotic Pomegranate White and Green Tea

Our ultra unique Exotic Pomegranate White /Green Tea blend is a delightful combination of tea and exotic fruits. Complex and luscious, two green teas Sencha and Kukicha are combined with the Bai Mu Dan white tea, then punctuated by kiwi, dragonfruit, raspberry and pomegranate. There is a gentle sweetness while lemongrass adds earthiness.

Pomegranates, native to the Middle East, are a superfruit. The thick red rind resembles a citrus with a white pulp-like interior. But that’s where the similarities end, as pomegranates are filled with little red arils. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and are known to be an anti-inflammatory.

Brewed, Exotic Pomegranate brings a clear fruity flavor. Tangy fruit notes interplay with more familiar flavors of raspberry and lemongrass, delicately balanced by mellow Bai Mu Dan, sweet grassy Sencha green tea and clear, mild Kukicha green tea.

Both white tea and green tea are minimally processed, preserving high antioxidant benefits. White tea may have even more benefits than green tea. Combined, these teas offer a rich base that combines well with the sweet, tart pomegranate.  

This striking tea is the perfect base for a tea cocktail and is delicious enough to enjoy at all hours of the day. Here’s what one customer shares:

“I bought this tea as a gift for my best friend. She lives in another state, and although we can’t share our daily teatime in person, we love making a nice cup of tea and sipping together while we chat on the phone. I ordered on a Friday, it shipped Saturday, and she had it by Monday. Love this company’s efficiency! The best part though…. She loves it!” – Nikki

Summer Tea Cocktail Recipe

1 part gin

2 parts prosecco

2 parts brewed Exotic Pomegranate White / Green Tea

Swirl together, pour over ice and enjoy!

Check out our blog to learn more about white tea and green tea. Craving another Tea Cocktail recipe? Try this Tea Mimosa!

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